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One of the precious moments in raising your children is seeing them pick up their own spoon and eat independently. It can get messy, but nothing compares to your happiness when you see your children grow and develop properly. So aside from ensuring you give them healthy foods to promote their overall health, the tools they use to eat should also be compatible with their age.

So does it matter if your kids use a metal or a plastic spoon? In this article, we’ll finally answer the debate between plastic and metal spoons and find out which one is the safest for your babies to use.



Are Your Babies Ready for Metal Spoons?

When shopping for baby products, it’s a common sight to see a variety of baby-friendly utensils, such as those made from plastics, wood, and metal. Take a closer look at the silver baby spoon and fork set to know if it’s still too early to introduce your little ones to silverware.

Metal Is Hard for Babies Who Are Just Starting to Eat Solids

When you transition your kids from milk to solid food, they are still trying to learn and get used to the different textures you give them. If you notice, babies will chomp down anything you give them because they can’t tell which is food and which is the spoon. That’s normal for babies, especially when they still can’t use their hands to eat.

Even if these spoons are small and made for kids, chewing on hard metal can be uncomfortable to their gums and teeth. Other situations can lead to cuts and swelling, making your kids feel irritated and lose their appetite.

Metal Utensils Have More Weight Compared to Other Materials

Your kids are starting to grip things but aren’t strong enough to hold heavy objects. It goes the same for their cups, spoons, and forks. They will have a harder time learning how to pick up the spoon and putting food in their mouth if they can’t use it properly in the first place.

If your babies can pick up metal utensils, it can still be dangerous for them. Little kids are playful and like to swing everything they touch. They can accidentally hit themselves in the eyes or the head, not to mention the sharp points of forks. So, it’s better to go with rubber or wooden utensils in the meantime.

Metal Utensils Are Very Sensitive to Extreme Temperatures

Have you ever experienced putting a spoon in your mouth that’s sitting in a hot bowl of soup? The experience is painful and very uncomfortable. Some even experience burns on their lips and mouth. Imagine if this situation happens to your kids. It will be a traumatizing experience for them. It will either make them lose interest in mealtime or refuse to use utensils.

It’s also the same when a metal spoon is too cold. Extreme temperatures that your babies are unaware of can scare them, so be careful when using a baby silver cup spoon and fork set for their mealtime. If they don’t like the experience, it will only make the transition to solid food slower and harder.

dad feeding his baby using bowl and spoon set

When Are Kids Ready for Metal Spoon and Fork?

Most doctors recommend metal cutlery for kids 18 months old and above. At this age, your kids have better motor skills to switch to metal utensils. There are also other observable signs you can see to tell if your kids are ready.

  • Observe how well your kids can feed themselves. If your kids have no problem putting food on their spoon to their mouth, there are minimal spills, and they are not wildly swinging their utensils, this is a good sign that they are ready to switch on metal spoons.
  • Observe what type of food they often eat. Switching to silverware can depend on the type of food your kids often eat. For example, if your kids can consume tough meat, maybe it is best to let them use a fork instead of their hands. Letting them use the proper utensils not only help them eat better but also teaches them basic table etiquette.

Other Materials: Silicone, Rubber, Plastic, Wood

Almost 80% of parents prefer other utensils over baby silver cups and spoon sets. They wait until their kids are two years of age before switching to metal. Don’t rush them to eat the way adults do. There are benefits of letting your kids use baby-friendly utensils until they are fully ready.

  • Silicone and rubber are the safest for your babies because they don’t have sharp edges and are soft. This way, your babies can chew on them without risking mouth wounds and cuts.
  • These spoons are also less prone to chemical reactions. On the other hand, metal spoons can react with your cleaning agent or even ingredients from the food, which can harm your babies.
  • These spoons are cheaper compared to baby metal spoon and fork sets. However, your kids will not use it for a long time and will eventually switch to metal, so start with a safer choice that also fits within your budget.
  • Baby-friendly spoons made from wood and silicone are toxin-free. Your babies can use them as teethers to relieve pain from their sprouting teeth.

baby girl using a pink plastic spoon

Get Your Baby Spoons at Ashtonbee!

If you’re looking for the perfect spoons for your baby to transition to solid foods, Ashtonbee has the perfect one for you. It’s guaranteed safe for your little ones and come with features to cater to your baby’s mealtime needs.

  • Ashtonbee’s baby spoon is an excellent tool for your baby and comes with five color pieces for only $14.99, a great value for your money.
  • The baby spoons are made from high-quality food-grade silicone safe for your babies to use. It’s soft to chew and gentle on the gum so that you can double it as a teether. Just put it in the freezer for a few minutes to add extra comfort for your kids’ swelling gums from teething.
  • These baby spoons are guaranteed free BPA, latex, lead, and PVC-free. So you are sure no harmful chemicals are used on these spoons that could harm your kid’s growth and development.
  • The spoons have an easy-grip design that allows your babies to practice self-feeding. In addition, they’re dishwasher safe, so it’s a way to maintain and store.

Final Thoughts

Your babies are sensitive to many things during their first few years. That’s why parents need to provide them with clothing, baby products, and food comfortable and suitable for their needs. What your kids use for eating may not sound like a big deal, but it’s important to know the pros and cons of each material so you can establish a healthy eating practice for your kids.

We hope this article on the silver spoon for babies and other utensils helps you choose the appropriate feeding spoon for your kids. For more high-quality baby essentials, explore our website today! We have reviews and buying guides to help you shop for all your baby’s needs.

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