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Plenty of questions fill the mind of first-time parents like you. What baby car seat should I invest in? When will my little one be ready for potty training? How do I swaddle my baby? 

It is normal for first-time moms and dads to feel anxious about when to buy baby stuff. But to ease the worry, it is best to be knowledgeable by knowing the answers to your queries and preparing during your first, second, and third trimesters.

Keep reading as we answer the most common FAQs from first-time expecting parents, and get ready to soak up all that new parent wisdom!

When Should I Start Shopping for My Baby?

You’ll surely be excited to get your nursery decor and furniture up and the different parts of your home decorated with baby items. You may even already have a baby nursery theme in mind. But when do you start baby shopping?

Purchasing baby stuff early is not really advisable. The best time to buy is after finding out about your baby’s gender. This way, you can pick baby things suitable for a boy or girl. Nevertheless, buy neutral clothes and supplies, at least, if you are really excited to go shopping for your baby’s needs.

Do not buy yet diapers, soaps, and lotions that promise they are the best baby products. It may not be what your baby will feel comfortable with.

What Should I Do for My Baby While They Are in the Womb?

Even before they are born, you’ll be excited to do some light shopping. If you are unsure what to start buying when you’re pregnant, you can begin with maternity drinks and supplements your doctor will prescribe to ensure your baby develops healthily inside the womb. 

Eating a healthy diet greatly contributes to giving birth to a healthy baby, too, so have good food! You can also let your developing baby listen to classical music. Studies have found this practice helpful for their mind, emotions, and body development in and out of the womb.

Should I Have a Baby Shower?

A baby shower is when you come together with your friends and family to celebrate your baby’s arrival. You can celebrate this at different times (first trimester, second trimester, or third trimester). Some immediately throw a party after finding a positive pregnancy test. Some couples dedicate this day to their gender reveal for fun and excitement. 

Baby showers can get you some helpful tips on being a great parent, baby purchases, when to start buying baby clothes, or which infant car seat is the best. You can also receive adorable baby clothes, hand-me-downs, newborn diapers, a diaper bag stroller, and a car seat for your baby. 

Make sure to sort them out, so if you haven’t done any shopping yet, you’ll know all the baby stuff you already have. This practice can help you save money and keep the baby budget for shopping low.

What Should I Bring to the Hospital?

Once your baby arrives, you must be prepared. Make a baby checklist including these supplies to make sure you won’t forget anything:

  • Your ID, hospital documents, and health insurance
  • The birth plan discussed with your doctor
  • Toiletries
  • Clothes, socks, and slippers
  • Water and snacks
  • Gadgets and charger
  • Go-home outfit for you and your baby
  • Postpartum care like adult disposable diapers and underwear
  • Baby car seats
  • Newborn size diapers
  • Diaper bag
  • Baby bottles (in case needed)
  • Breast pump (in case needed)
  • Baby lotion, baby shoes, baby accessories
  • Newborn clothes
  • Toilet paper 

Having complete baby essentials ensures you can focus on giving birth and baby care later.

when should i start shopping for baby

How Can I Breastfeed Properly?

As a mother, the first duty you must fulfill is to feed your little one. Breastfeeding is highly encouraged after giving birth as it is during the first feedings when the colostrum, a chemical in breast milk that boosts a baby’s immune system, is present. 

To ensure you can breastfeed, you can take breastfeeding supplements and breast milk-inducing food during your first, second, and third trimesters.

Make sure to read ahead on the different breastfeeding positions. Will you do the traditional cradle position or go for side-lying, laid-back, or a football hold? You can do any position. What matters is that you and your little one are comfortable.

Are Supplements and Vaccines Required for Babies?

In many cases, breast milk is enough to supply the nutrient needs of a baby. However, some checkups might show a lack of nutrients in the baby’s body. Doctors will then recommend supplements and vitamins and increased intake of food rich in the lacking minerals and nutrients when babies are old enough to take in solids.

Meanwhile, when it comes to vaccines, babies should have these as soon as possible to keep them from debilitating and deadly diseases. 

How Do I Care For My Baby’s Umbilical Cord?

The work of a parent never stops when the baby comes out. As a first-time parent, you may find the belly button and umbilical cord challenging. It is a sensitive part of your baby’s body that can be painful and cause them to cry when moved.

However, this part needs to be cleaned. To do so, prepare clean cotton and dab it with alcohol. Next, clean the area around the belly button and slowly dab the middle part. When the umbilical cord is dry, it will naturally fall off.

How Can I Ensure I Bond With My Baby Enough?

Bonding with your little one varies at different ages. Physical bonding is the best way to practice closeness during the newborn stage. So, carry and comfort them when they cry. Breastfeeding also gives a unique bond to a mother and child.

You can begin playing with toys together as they grow and even develop new hobbies. You can watch their favorite movies, sing their favorite nursery rhymes, and jive through their favorite dance music. Exploring the outdoors can also be a memorable activity when they do it with you.

the best baby products

When Will My Baby Have a Normal Sleep Routine?

One thing you’ll be lacking as a parent is sleep! The outside world is new for your little one, who got used to the darkness in your womb. They aren’t experts in knowing which is day or night, so they do not have a regular sleep routine.

However, as babies grow, they can begin developing a sleep routine with your help. Keep them busy with toys and activities when they do not have a nap or sleep time yet. When it is time to doze off, prepare a cool, cozy, quiet room with dim lights. 

When Can Solid Feeding Start?

After months of purely milk feeding, your little one can finally have solids in their sixth month! Begin with mashed fruits and vegetables, as your little one’s digestive system isn’t ready for heavy carbohydrates yet. Their tummies will welcome mashed or pureed bananas, dragon fruit, avocado, potatoes, carrots, and strawberries.

You can introduce rice, bread, pasta, and even pizza as they grow. Just make sure that everything you serve them is made with healthy and organic ingredients to ensure their health and avoid any digestive issues and allergies.

What Should I Do When My Baby Is Sick?

While there are baby events worth looking forward to, there are those you could only hope you won’t experience, like your baby getting sick. However, part of a baby’s development to boost its immune system is to fight off sicknesses, so the situation is inevitable. 

When this day comes, be calm. It’s a hard and fast rule to consult your baby’s pediatrician immediately. Do not give medications that aren’t prescribed. Prepare yourself to take care of an extra fuzzy baby. Remember that the moments when your new baby is sick are times when you increase your love.

How Do I Keep My Baby’s Belongings Clean?

To keep your little one healthy and far from sickness, keep everything they use and their surroundings clean. Choose cleaning agents that are free from chemicals harmful to babies. There are detergents and soaps for clothes and utensils designed to be milder and baby-friendly. 

Even dishwashers have baby-safe versions, so you can clean baby utensils without risking your baby’s health. Make sure to regularly clean your home, change the sheets, and keep your place ventilated so everything’s spic and span.

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Congratulations on your upcoming arrival! Parenting is an amazing and rewarding journey that comes with lots of challenges, too. The FAQs we’ve answered in this blog post should give you a starting point for some of the big topics and questions you may have as a first-time parent. 

Ashtonbee is always here to help! From baby feeding needs to baby-proofing supplies and everything in between, we have what you need to start your parenting journey. So check our collection and buy baby clothes, nursery décor, nursery furniture, and more! With us, buying baby stuff early will never be a problem!

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