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Giving your children solid food for the first time is an exciting part of growing up. Tasting different flavors and feeling different textures will surely make your kids enjoy mealtime. You might be as excited as your child, but don’t rush it. It’s important to know when to do it and the proper way to introduce your little ones to solid food.

If you’re a first-time parent, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll give some helpful tips on when and how to start your babies on solid food.



When Should You Start Your Kids on Solid Food?

Getting the correct timing to give your kids solid food is crucial for their growth, development, and safety. Starting your kids on solids too early increases the risk of choking hazards and obesity, and starting them too late can affect your baby’s growth and lead to other health concerns. It will also be hard for you to transition them from milk to eating solid food if done too late.

According to pediatric studies, your infant’s nutrition should mostly come from breast milk or formula from birth up to the sixth month. You can then slowly start introducing solids to your babies between 4 to 6 months of age. But how can you tell whether they’re ready to eat solid food or not? Here are some situations for you to check.

  • Your kids are excited about mealtime. When you see your kids get excited when you prepare the table for mealtime, it’s a sign that they want to eat with you. You can give them a baby food feeder with their favorite mashed or frozen fruits so they feel included in the mealtime and to encourage them to try solid food.
  • Your babies can sit upright on their own. Your babies sitting on their own is probably the best sign to start giving them solid food. It’s important that your little ones can hold their heads in an upright position to eliminate the risk of choking when they eat. If you don’t need to assist them with their sitting anymore, it’s a go sign for solid food.
  • Your baby has learned how to swallow. There are instances when you feed your babies with a spoon, and they seem to spit out the food. It’s not that your babies despise the taste. Feeding them through a spoon is a new feeling, and they don’t know where to place the food. Start them slowly until they learn how to swallow. After this, it’s safe to give them solids.

baby eating fruit puree in baby feeder 

The Proper Way of Introducing Solid Food to Your Little One

Now that you know when to give your kids solid food, it’s time to know how to introduce it to them properly. Teaching your kids how to transition is a gradual process. Don’t force them to replace their formula at once. Instead, let them learn at their own pace, so they learn to appreciate eating solid food. Here are some useful tips to help your kids start eating solids.

  • Use a spoon when feeding your child. Letting your kids eat with their bare hands grabbing their food may seem cute, but your babies may accidentally eat big chunks of food that may cause choking. So instead, use a spoon. It’s not only for their safety but also to teach them the proper way of eating. You can get your kids their very own spoon set, so they can practice using utensils at an early age.
  • Remember to start slow. You have to make your baby feel used to the sensation of swallowing before they get used to solid food. It will require lots of patience, so don’t worry if your babies cannot finish a spoonful of solid food. It’s normal for the first few times. Morning is the best time to practice with them because it is the time of the day your kids are hungriest.
  • Try different foods. It’s hard to tell whether your babies like the food, so give them a wide array of choices so you can pinpoint which food they like the most. Also, it helps to stick with the same food for at least three days. By doing this, you can identify food your kids dislike and whether some foods trigger allergic reactions.
  • Give your kids different textures and combinations. Your kids are accustomed to the feeling of liquid milk. So, it may put them off when they feel other textures in their mouth. You can try mashed food like nutritious purees and see what your babies like the most. Food combinations can bring out exciting flavors as well. Use that to your advantage to encourage your child to eat solids. It’s also helpful to give them in baby feeders for baby food to ensure only small chunks are ingested by your baby to avoid accidents.

Ashtonbee’s Baby Feeder Pacifier for Fun and Nutritious Mealtimes

Now that you’re all prepared for solid foods, it’s time to pair your baby’s mealtime with the best baby products in the market. Let’s take a look at the cute baby feeder pacifier Ashtonbee has to offer and know why you need this for your next purchase.

It is crucial to always be on the lookout with what and how your babies are eating. Solid chunks can be dangerous, especially if they are still learning to chew and swallow. That’s why the proper feeding tools for kids are important.

Here are some of the great features of Ashtonbee’s baby pacifier feeder:

  • For $13.99, you get two feeders in one pack. These baby fruit feeders are made from non-toxic food-grade silicone, which makes it safe for your babies to munch. It’s BPA-, latex-, and PVC-free; guaranteed to be the safest feeder available in the market.
  • The design of the feeder is perfect for transitioning your babies to solid food. The feeder has tiny holes that allow food to pass through in small bits to prevent babies from choking.
  • This baby feeder for baby food can also be used for your teething babies. You can simply put this in the freezer for a couple of minutes, and chewing on the cold pacifier can help relieve the pain for their growing teeth.
  • You can make fruit popsicles in this feeder for your kids to enjoy. You can even freeze your breastmilk and make ice cream for your kids. The feeder is not limited to cold foods. You can place mashed sweet potatoes or carrots inside for your kids to enjoy a nutritious meal.

You can also find other feeding materials on Ashtonbee. We have high-quality baby products waiting for you—from baby spoons, teethers, pacifiers, and baby feeding bottles. So don’t forget to browse our product catalog.

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Final Thoughts

Establishing healthy eating habits at an early age will be beneficial for kids. Eating is important for your baby’s proper growth and development. So, as a parent, you must give them the proper food that will aid them to be strong individuals, though it’s important to be careful with everything you provide for your child. We hope these useful tips and information on solid food helps you with your baby’s transition to solids.

You can visit Ashtonbee for more baby gear. We have high-quality products for playing, sleeping, clothing, and feeding. Shop today to help you on your parenting journey!

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