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Your kid’s first step is a sign that they are growing up properly. And as parents, one of the happiest moments of raising a child is seeing them walk on their own. But, it takes a lot of support, encouragement, and patience to teach your child to walk. For them, walking can feel scary because they will be falling a lot during the first few tries.

In this article, we will be sharing some tips on how to encourage your kids to start walking and howAshtonbee’s baby socks keep their feet warm and protected.



Are your kids ready to learn how to walk?

Most babies start to walk before they reach their first year. Many will simply grab onto furniture and stand in place because they are scared to take a step. Walking for the first time is a long learning process. It’s normal for your babies to be slow the first time they attempt to walk, so don’t get frustrated. Here are some signs that your little one is ready to walk:

  • Creeping. Creeping is when your babies use their arms to drag their entire body to move on their tummy. Usually, in this phase, the arm muscles are stronger, and teaching them to stand and take a few steps will help develop their leg muscle strength.
  • Scooting. Scooting is another position where your babies use their arm strength to move. Instead of moving on their tummy in this position, their babies use their arms to move while they sit upright.
  • Crawling. This is by far the most obvious sign that your kids are ready to walk. Your kids are starting to develop both arm and leg strength in this phase. It will be easier for them to stand up straight and take a step forward if they have mastered crawling.

It is important to keep your baby’s little feet protected during these phases to prevent them from bruises and painful bumps, so they don’t get traumatized to walk or crawl. Get them kneepads or baby socks that stay on feet with non-slip features to help them with balance and stability.

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Practices to encourage your kids to start walking

Your babies will depend on your support for their first steps. So here are some effective practices to help them walk properly on their own.

Make an irresistible trail for them to follow. 

It’s easy to lure your baby anywhere you want them to go, so use this trick to make them walk. First, assist them to a standing position and make a trail of their favorite things to follow. It can be toys or any stimulating object, or even holding their favorite snack at the end of the line. Just make sure that there are no obstacles in the way because your babies may get too excited and trip.

Hold their hand while they walk. 

Doing things for the first time can be scary. It’s normal for your kids to be reluctant to take their first steps. Holding their hand can assure them that they are safe and will give them the confidence knowing that you are there to support them. Holding their hand will also prevent minor accidents and injuries. When your babies can balance on their own, you can slowly let go of their hands so they can walk independently.

Help your babies walk with a push toy. 

Several baby toys in the market can act as push toys for your kids. In addition, you can buy toy versions of the things you use, like mini pushcarts or lawnmowers, so your kids can mimic your actions. It’s also recommended to look for push toys with handles and bigger sizes, so it’s hard for your kids to topple it over.

Push toys will help your kids develop their leg muscles and give them the confidence to walk. In addition, pediatricians recommend these toys instead of walkers. Walkers do not promote correct body posture, affecting your baby’s growth. So, invest in push toys instead of walkers, and your little one will have more fun with them too.

Allow your children to have breaks. 

You can’t expect your toddler to walk all the time during their first few tries. It’s normal for them to crawl and walk alternately. Since their legs are not yet fully developed, they will easily get tired. Give them breaks so they can get their strength back. Minor inconveniences like bumping and tripping can also halt their walking phase. Don’t force them to walk. Wait for them to be ready to try again.

Give your kids comfortable footwear. 

It’s better to train your kids to walk barefoot, so they are accustomed to the feeling of the floor on their feet. But some kids prefer wearing shoes or socks while walking. You can give in to their preference and let them wear socks or soft shoes. Baby socks that stay on are best for your babies. There are available grip socks in the market that are anti-slip and help your kids with balancing and walking.

Furthermore, train them to wear proper shoes when they are walking outdoors. But don’t force them to wear shoes or booties that are high and hard. Their leg muscles and ankles are still developing, and heavy shoes may cause them to trip and fall.

Ashtonbee’s non slip baby socks

Ashtonbee’s Non-Slip Baby Socks

Ashtonbee offers you the highest quality baby gear in the market. Help support your baby’s stance and walk with these non-slip grip baby socks. With these, you are guaranteed that they are safe and their feet are comfortable and protected. Let’s look at some of the great features of these baby socks.

  • The shoes are a perfect fit for babies between 6 to 18 months old. In addition, they are available in 6 different colors so that you can choose shades that match your baby’s outfits.
  • These socks have garters that keep them from slipping off your baby’s foot. These are the best stay-on baby socks in the market because of their soft cotton material.
  • The socks have a flat ballet design that is comfortable for your baby’s skin, even if they wear them all day. They are also washing machine-safe, which makes them easy to clean.
  • The baby socks have a textured bottom that gives enough traction, so your babies won’t slip even without shoes.

Whether you’re training your kids to walk or wear shoes, these baby socks that stay on are the best options to practice with. You can pair these socks with crawling knee pads that are also available on Ashtonbee. Learning how to walk is more fun and much safer with us!

Final Thoughts

One of the happiest moments you will experience during your child’s first year is them taking their first step. Seeing your kids walk and run towards you can give no greater joy to a parent. And as parents, it’s your responsibility to support them throughout their learning phase. We hope these practices help you make parenting easier.

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