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The first few years of your child are going to be the most tiring and will involve a lot of playtimes. But this is a great way to spend more quality time with your growing toddler. They may not remember everything from their childhood, but the moments you will spend together will be irreplaceable.

What better way to be involved in their playtime activities than with a toddler bike with a handle? With this nifty ride, you can take your kids to the park with full supervision and even to grocery stores for some errands.

In this article, we’ll talk about the perfect toddler bikes you can get for your child, so playtime is always safe and fun.


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Why Should You Get Your Child a Bike with Handle? 

Are you thinking about gifting your kid a toddler pedal bike? You may want to explore other choices because there might be a fit for your children. Learning to ride a bike is not an easy skill master, especially for toddlers. They need more supervision and a lot of time to feel and bike and practice before supporting.

There are toddler bikes with a handle to push available in the market for your little ones. Here are some reasons you should start with this bike for your kids.


Your kids can be overly excited with their new toy. They can go too fast before you can prevent accidents. The handle attached to bikes gives you full control of your kid’s ride. You can control their speed to prevent accidents from happening.

Steering the handle is another set of skills. Again, your child can have a hard time controlling them. However, the handle attached to the bike also allows you to control the steering mechanism. You can always guide them in a safe direction.

Guided learning 

Most parents insist they can teach their children balancing by supporting them in their back seat until they can finally do it on their own. This method may be effective to other children but can be dangerous to others.

Learning to ride a bike requires three basic skills: balancing, steering, and pedalling. It will be hard for your child to learn all these skills in a single bike ride, and each differs in difficulty level. When you start your child with a balance bike for toddlers, they can focus on one skill and move up to the other until they fully incorporate it all together.

It also makes teaching easier for the parents, and because you can easily control their movement, you can prevent minor accidents.

Multi-purpose bike 

Are you worried that you’ll be investing a lot of money on a bike that your child will use only for a short time? Don’t worry, there are kids bikes you can repurpose so you can upgrade the parts to match their skill, or you can keep the bikes stored for your other kids.

You can remove the toddler bike handle attachment if your child has already mastered steering. This way, they can have a little more freedom when they ride. These bikes also include removable stabilizing wheels. You can choose to keep them until your child masters balancing. You can also adjust the seat’s height so your kids can ride comfortably.


The Transition from Training Wheels to Adult Bikes

Surely, you can’t wait for your child to go on rides with you. This will be the ultimate family bonding for everybody. But before you go on adventures with your little ones, they should first practice their balance and coordination with balance bikes and then training wheels.

You can observe your child when they ride with training wheels. Usually, the training wheels are installed unevenly to promote mastery of balancing. However, once you can see them ride and training wheels barely touch the ground, it is a good sign for an adult bike.

When you transition them to an adult bike, you ensure that you get the appropriate build and height for your kids. There are bikes with shifting gears and more advanced parts that may confuse your kids. Start them with the basics, and as they learn and improve their skills, you can also opt to upgrade.

It is also important to consider the height, weight, and wheel size to enable your kids to ride comfortably.

orange tricycle with handle for kids

The Benefits of Bike Riding for Growing Children

Riding a bike can have positive effects, especially on your child’s general health. It can also improve motor skills for growing children. Let’s look at some of the benefits your child can enjoy and gain on his bike rides.

Physical development 

If you want your kids to be involved in physical activity, letting them ride a bike is the easiest and perhaps the most fun way to do it. Biking improves muscle strength. It develops your stamina as well as your heart and lungs. So you can rest easy that biking will keep your child active and lead them towards a healthy lifestyle.

Confidence booster 

Doing things for the first time can be scary, especially for kids, because everything seems bigger and more challenging. For example, riding a bike is a difficult skill. Once they learn to balance and ride without falling, they gain a lot of confidence to do more things that seem scary to them. It opens them to more opportunities for trying new things.

Improves socialization 

A toddler tricycle is a good way to introduce your toddlers to the outside world. You often see kids stuck in front of the television or playing video games all day. Being an indoor body is not bad, but it helps to go outside once in a while.

Biking at parks can help your child reach other kids their age. Making friends is what makes childhood fun and memorable. Especially when you have an only child, letting them interact with other kids improves the socializing skills that they can carry with them in a new environment.

Family quality time 

Spending time with family becomes more memorable with you altogether. And on the list of best family bonding times is biking. Strolling around the city, taking mountain trails or biking on the seaside, and taking a dip after the ride is something your kids will remember for a long time.

Reduces stress 

Even kids can get stressed sometimes. Your kids can have a long day at school or experience something unfortunate that made their day bad and stressful. Letting them ride a bike, feel the wind in their face, and bask under the sunshine surrounded by nature can de-stress them. Note that managing your child’s mental health is also an important factor in raising your child.

Final Thoughts 

Playing sports, running outside, and riding a bike have all been proven to give a lot of benefits for growing toddlers, from physical health to emotional well-being. Investing in a toddler bike with a handle is a great way to develop your child’s general health.

Ashtonbee offers toddlers the best premium baby bikes, so you can always make sure that your little ones have fun while developing important skills. Check out our baby balance bike and make quality time with your little ones even more special.

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