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Every parent feels scared when giving their kids their first bath. It feels too slippery and intimidating, but with the proper bathing tools and enough practice, surely you’ll get the hang of it. Of course, you need many things to prepare for your newborn, but here we will focus on your baby’s bathing needs.

We’ll also share some useful tips when you go out shopping for baby essentials, so you’re sure every penny is well-spent. So parents, take note and be ready for your little one’s bath time.

Newborn Baby Must-Haves for Bathing

Bathing and keeping your kids clean is essential to keep them from allergies, infections, and sickness. To help you, here are some bathtime essentials you must get for your newborn.

Baby Bathtub

Obviously, newborns can’t bathe themselves, and since they can’t stand, you have to lay them down to get them cleaned. Therefore, a baby bathtub is essential for bathtime because it allows you to lay your kids safely in the bathroom or on surfaces.

Some tubs have nets to accommodate newborns. As they grow and learn to sit by themselves, you can remove them so kids can enjoy bathing on their own. You can consider a baby bath seat if you don’t have enough space in your home for a tub. It is a small chair-like tool where you can place your kids. It’s foldable so that you can bring it anywhere.

Washcloths and Baby Towels

Adult towels can be too rough for your kid’s skin. Instead, there are washcloths and towels specially made for kids to accommodate their delicate skin. When looking for towels, premium soft cotton is best for kids.

Also, make sure to get towels appropriate for their body size. Big towels can be hazardous for your kids. So be mindful of that.

Baby-Safe Soap and Shampoos

Similarly, adult soaps and shampoos are not suitable for young babies. There are organic baby soaps that won’t irritate their skin and keep it moisturized. Also, there are no tears shampoo formulas, so you don’t need to be worried when the product goes to their eyes.

It goes the same when choosing lotions for your kids or any product you will lather in their bodies. There are several baby brands to choose from that offer 100% organic products. You may want to consider them when buying their bath essentials.

Baby Bath Thermometer

A baby bath thermometer will come in handy to ensure the water temperature is right for your kids. Of course, you can always test it by dipping your hands, but you can never be too sure about that method.

There are digital bath thermometers that can display accurate temperatures. Some also alert you if the water temperature is too high or too low and notifies if it is at the proper temperature level. Making the water comfortable for your kids will make the bathing time a positive experience for them.

Bath Toys

Your baby’s bath time is not complete without bath toys. You can easily find them in shops, but you don’t need too many. Buy bath toys that will keep your kids distracted but not cause too much clutter in the bathroom. Here are some tips when buying ones for your kids:

  • Observe what type of toys your kids like. Don’t buy different toys that would end up being ignored.
  • You don’t need to buy expensive and extravagant toys. Little kids are content with rubber duckies or squeaking toys. No need to splurge on toys they won’t use.
  • Look for toxic-free toys. There’s a high chance your kids will put these toys in their mouths. Also, since toys constantly get wet, look for toys that don’t mold.

Baby Bath Caddy

A baby bath caddy is something parents will be thankful for. It’s an all-in-one bag where you can put all your baby shower essentials. You can choose a carry-on caddy. It’s easy to carry around the house, and when you travel, all the baby essentials are in one place and ready to go.

You can also consider a portable caddy with wheels. This caddy is for home use, and you can put more baby essentials on it. From baby bottles, diapers and baby toys, you can easily move them around with a caddy on wheels.

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Important Tips When Buying Must Have Items for Newborn

Shopping for newborn baby essentials can be overwhelming, especially for first-time parents. Newborns will need a lot of things, but before spending your hard-earned money on things you won’t use, here are some shopping tips for parents.

What Is Your Budget?

Shopping in any form is exciting. But before you go looking for $1000 stroller options or branded diaper bags, think first if it fits your budget. Not all expensive items are high quality. Make sure to get baby essentials your kids can use for a long time to get your money’s worth.

Also, to help with your budget, don’t splurge on your kid’s clothing. In the first year, kids grow rapidly, they’ll outgrow their clothes, and some of them will end up unused.

Invest in Reusable Essentials

The amount of disposable material parents buy makes baby essentials shopping expensive. Granted that some materials are thrown away after use, there are still reusable alternatives for some of them. For example, in the first six months, you can use disposable diapers because it is more convenient.

As your kids grow older, transitioning them into cloth diapers will lessen your expenses. There are also baby bottles that expire in a certain period. So instead of changing feeding bottles from time to time, invest in something they can use longer.

Test the Items Before Buying

Before purchasing baby items, it’s a good practice to test them first. Even with positive reviews online, it’s best to buy in person to inspect the product. 

For example, when you’re buying a baby carrier, car seats, baby cribs, or high chairs, it’s best to bring your kids with you. This way, you can see if your kids fit perfectly on the products.

Do Your Research

Parents prefer popular product brands. However, it should not be the case. Do research when buying newborn essentials. Don’t get carried away with other people’s opinions about their newborn must-haves. Newborn babies have different needs, so prioritize what your child needs over what is popular.

For example, if you’re buying products for your baby’s skin, consider what your kids need. There are several products for dry skin, but which ones are safe for your kids? Take time to research the product’s ingredients. You can even consult your baby’s doctor to ensure its safety.

Don’t Be Afraid to Buy Second-Hand Essentials

Buying new and matching baby gear is something parents want for their newborns, but if you’re on a tight budget, there is nothing wrong with buying second-hand items. You can join groups on social media or buy and sell websites. You can also meet with parenting communities that sell baby essentials and get helpful parenting tips.

A tip when buying second-hand items: always look for the manufacturing date. For example, infant car seats, cribs, and high chairs usually have five years of life span before they are considered unusable. You can also check out guidelines for buying second-hand baby essentials on the federal government website.

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Ashtonbee: Your Newborn Must Haves Shopping Center

If you’re shopping for must-have baby items, no need to look further. Ashtonbee has a wide collection of high-quality essentials in preparation for your baby’s arrival. Here is an overview of our products you can choose from.

  • Accessories: Changing pad, knee pads, diaper bag, pacifier, night lights, socks, and baby pillows.
  • Feeding: Baby bibs, sippy cups, finger toothbrushes, tongue cleaners, teethers, baby bowls, and baby feeders.
  • Playing: Play mat, baby bike, and playpen.
  • Safety: Bed rails, drawer locks, outlet covers, anti-tip straps, and corner guards.

The list goes on, from bathing essentials to baby clothing and nursery accessories. We hope these bathing essentials help you tick a few baby essentials on your checklist. Also, don’t forget to browse our collection for your baby’s needs. Shop with us today!

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