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You surely notice the change in your little one’s behavior when they lack sleep. They throw tantrums and are irritable when they are sleepy. Aside from these behaviors affecting their mood, your day is also disturbed hushing and pampering baby outbursts. 

Turn these not-so-good days into beautiful ones by ensuring your baby gets enough peaceful sleep all the time. You can achieve this by simply investing in a head pillow for baby, the right crib, mattress, sheets, and these supplies for sleeping. 

1. Baby’s Head Pillow

Every part of your little one should be protected the moment they are born, but you need to give extra care to the head. A newborn baby still has fontanels or a soft flat spot on their heads. Babies are also more prone to developing a flat head shape or suffering a flat head syndrome at this age.

A head pillow for infants can avoid that. A pillow for baby’s head also contributes to sound sleep. You’ll find all sorts of infant pillows: baby pillows, flat-head pillows, head-shaping pillows, and memory foam pillows. Pick the one that suits your baby’s needs best.

2. Baby Crib and Bed

The next must-have sleeping need is a baby crib or bed. Although there are parents who are champions of co-sleeping, it still helps that babies have their own sleeping area. 

Having their own space keeps them from the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome because of being rolled over or covered with adult bedding on a big bed. There are baby beds and cribs equipped with railings, keeping them from falling.

3. Mattress, Blanket, and Sheets

To make your baby’s sleep more comfortable, try getting these:

  • Invest in a comfortable mattress, blankets, and sheets.
  • Pick the ones made of cotton and other baby-friendly materials like bamboo or rayon.
  • Have a couple of sets of sheets, so you can change them often and keep the baby’s sleeping area clean.
  • Don’t forget to pick the ones with cute designs for a delightful-looking baby room.

4. Baby Milk Bottle and Breast Pump

A milk-drunk little one dozes off faster. The soothing feeling of having them in your arms while they feed and their full stomach is a winning sleep-inducer combination. Make sure you have enough supply of baby bottles, and if you breast pump, an automatic breast pump will come in handy, too.

head pillow for baby

5. Sleeping Lights

Adults need a conducive sleep environment, so they can easily doze off. This demand also applies to babies, so you can dim the lights when it is already sleeping time. Cover the window with curtains or blinds when your baby naps during the daytime, and use only minimal light at night. 

6. Baby Lullabies, Sound, and Songs

You have probably introduced music to your baby since they were in your tummy. It is said to affect a baby’s brain development. Continue this great habit by playing classical music and baby lullabies to bring your baby to sleep and keep them peacefully sleeping. A crib mobile can be a handy source of sounds too!

7. Story Books

Aside from music, bedtime stories are a great way to send them to bed. Newborns find your reading voice as a soothing sound to them. As they grow and understand these stories, it will hone their literacy and imagination. Stories are great sleep-senders too!

8. Relaxing Essential Oils

Giving your baby a massage, especially for their arms and legs, helps develop their muscles and bones. The scent of essential oils like lavender, chamomile, vanilla, and rose relaxes your baby so they sleep better.

9. Changing Pads and Diapers

One leading cause of a baby waking in the middle of the night and not having a complete, awesome sleep is wet nappies. Make sure you change them before bedtime, so they won’t be disturbed. Invest in quality changing pads to keep the linens clean. Get the finest diapers to keep your baby’s bottom dry throughout the night or nap time. 

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A good night’s sleep is crucial for both babies and parents. Lack of sleep often leads to a cranky baby and an exhausted parent. That’s why new parents need to set up their baby’s room to promote restful slumber. Having the right supply will make this easier. So, ensure you have the best pillow, bed, mattress and sheets, milk, music, and storybooks for a restful sleep.

If you need these supplies, Ashtonbee is the right place for you! Here, we have all items in stock, so you can buy everything you need in one go! We have a baby flat-head pillow, baby carrier, high chairs, strollers, and more! Feel free to browse our site to get what you need.

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