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Do you remember the day you learned how to ride a bike? When you thought your parents were holding the back of your seat and when you looked back, you’ve been riding and balancing your bike on your own. Such a happy memory to go back to and recreate when you have your own child.

Every child will love riding a bike. However, it can be more enjoyable when you do this activity with the whole family. Kids, especially the little ones, will have different paces on learning how to ride a bike. That is why we recommend a toddler bike with training wheels before giving your child a go on balance bikes. Training wheels will help your child master riding a bike quickly and make the teaching process easier for parents. They can simply watch their children ride without the fear of their child falling over.


What are training wheels?

Training wheels are two smaller wheels placed on the rear wheel of a kid’s bicycle. These wheels are used to help little children master riding a bike. Training wheels are used for children between 3 to 6 years old and are usually placed on a bike at 3.5 to 4 feet in height. Balancing the bicycle will be the hardest skill your child has to master when riding one. So start them young with the best bike with training wheels for toddlers.

Why use a bike with training wheels?

Many parents tend to skip training wheels and buy balance bikes for their toddlers. However, before making such a decision, here are some reasons why you should let your child experience their first rides on bikes with stabilizers:

  • For toddlers, riding a bike is like learning how to walk. Taking a step is equivalent to pedalling the bicycle, and from the start, little kids have problems with their balance. The first thing a bike with training wheels can teach a child is how to balance while riding.
  • It ensures the safety of your children. One purpose of the training wheels is to keep the bike upright. So, you won’t have to worry about your child falling off while he is learning.
  • Aside from balancing, riding a bike also requires the skill of pedalling and steering. These skills can be overwhelming to little kids. Training wheels allow children to learn at their own speed. He can focus on other skills much more easily without forcing himself to retain balance on a bicycle.
  • Bike with training wheels is a toddler’s best friend. Why? When kids start with balance bikes, they rely on their parents or older siblings to keep them in balance and steady. But with the help of training wheels, they can learn on their own, anywhere and anytime they want.

Children riding balance bikes 


FAQ on Bicycles and Training Wheels

Do training wheels really work? 

Learning from a bike with training wheels or a balance bike will teach you both balancing while riding. It may yield the same results, but some studies show that children who start riding a bicycle on training wheels learn faster and master balancing in a short time than those who skip riding to balance bikes.

What is the age range appropriate for training wheels? 

As early as two years old, kids can ride a bike. We recommend a baby balance bike for kids of this age. But when your child reaches the age of 3 to 5 years old, bikes with a height up to 4 feet and training wheels can be used.

Are training wheels not supposed to be levelled with the bike’s rear wheels? 

As a matter of fact, it is a standard to install the bike’s training wheels higher. At first, it will make riding a bike uneven and wobbly. But the purpose of training wheels set higher is for your child to master balancing.

When should you remove the training wheels on your toddler’s bike? 

You can remove the training wheels when you see that your child has gotten the feel of pedalling and riding the bike. To help kids transition to balance bikes, you can also remove the pedals and adjust the seat. Make sure that the seat is at a proper height where both feet lay flat on the ground. Let your child run on the bike and glide without the pedals to practice his balance. Put the pedals back on when balancing isn’t a problem anymore. From there, minor assistance is required, and watch your child ride his bike.

Which is better: a bike with training wheels or balance bikes?

It depends on the level of skill your child has. Both bicycles will provide their purpose by teaching your child how to ride, maintain balance, steer, and pedal. However, to get maximum performance, get your child a bike appropriate for his skills.

How to choose the best toddler bike with training wheels?

There are many factors you should consider before you buy a bicycle for your kids. As a parent, these cycling activities should feel safe and fun at the same time. Here are some factors you may want to look into for your children’s first bicycles:

Child’s height and age

Enthusiastic parents want their children to enjoy as many toys and activities as possible. Introducing your child to riding a bicycle at an early age is not bad. Involving your kids in physical activities promotes good health and keeps them from being screen or gadget-dependent. Keep in mind that there are appropriate bikes for certain ages. When your baby has just started walking, starting with baby balance bikes with no pedals is better.

Pedalling is a skill for older children. These baby balance bikes will help familiarize your babies with steering control and help your baby maintain his balance while walking. There are also different bike heights for toddlers. You can find a bike height range in shops to determine the right bike for your kids. The wrong height can slow down the learning process of riding it.

Weight of the bicycle

The weight of the bicycle is also an important factor to consider. A bicycle can be too heavy for a child if it weighs more than half his weight. In addition, steering and balancing heavy bicycles can be hard for toddlers, resulting in them falling over and sustaining injuries. Therefore, lightweight bicycles are recommended for smaller kids who are just learning to ride one.


Before buying a bike for your kids, ask yourself, how long will this bike hold up? How many falls, bumps, and slides can this bicycle take before it breaks? How long will it take before your child outgrows the bicycle? Children grow fast, the next thing you know, there is no more knee space for your kids to pedal comfortably, or the bike handles are already too near to his chest, which is bad for steering. Premium bicycles cost money, and changing bikes now and then can be costly. So it’s always a great idea to invest in a high-quality bike for longevity. Later on, if you decide to have more kids, you can train them with the same bike your firstborn enjoyed. If not, you can always resell them on the market.

Bike accessories 

Make the most of your money by looking for bicycles with complete accessories. What are the things you should look for? Bundles can include safety accessories such as helmets and knee pads. Most bicycles have the option to remove training wheels. You also look for water bottle holders, bells, safety lights, and a stand. These things are not always the priority, but it is good to have them in your toddler’s ride.

Shopping mall vs. Bike store

When it comes to the quality of bikes from shopping malls and bike stores, it is pretty much the same. They sell bikes made from the best materials. Mall prices may be slightly higher, but you will not worry about the quality of the build. One important thing to note is that in shopping malls, most bikes sold are already assembled and may not be customized. On the other hand, when you buy at speciality bike stores, you can have your child’s bikes adjusted for a safer and more comfortable ride.

Dad teaching his son how to ride a bike

Get the Best Bike With Training Wheels for Toddlers From Ashtonbee!

Riding a bike together with your kids is family quality time. It promotes physical activity while bonding with them. In addition, teaching your child how to ride a bike helps you get to know them more, an opportunity to get even closer and create happy moments.

Who knew getting your toddler’s first bike required a lot of decision-making and research? So for tons of fun and a secure bike ride, get your baby’s first ride at Ashtonbee. Our baby balance bike will help your child develop his skills and confidence in bike riding. It has a comfortable seat, tires are anti-slip resistance, and has a steel frame marked for durability. So go ahead and browse our site for more baby and toddler essentials your child will surely love!

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