Watching a baby go through the arduous teething process is heartbreaking. Long hours of suffering require lots of patience and understanding from both them and their parents. It can be even more distressing when the teething causes extreme inconvenience and irritability.


During this important period, many parents get inventive in finding solutions to lessen a child’s agony as their new teeth sprout into their lives. So don’t fret if you don’t know what to do. We’re here to talk about practical coping strategies for teething pain.


Read on to discover classic solutions and fresh ideas that could bring cool comfort and sweet smiles to your baby!

Teething Season: Know the 4 Signs of a Teething Baby

a teething baby


Being a parent is certainly an adventure filled with priceless moments that come and go all too quickly. One of those noteworthy highlights is a baby’s teeth growing in. This breakthrough marks the start of their developmental growth. 


This journey can also be quite nerve-wracking for parents who are uncertain about how to make this process easier on their little ones. Don’t worry, we’re here to tell you the early signs and occasional symptoms of a teething baby, so parents like you can be prepared for what comes next and no longer see this voyage as a fearful time.

1) Excessive Drooling

Babies may not understand why their gums feel achy, but their bodies instinctively come to the rescue! Normally, babies produce saliva. But saliva production increases even more when their teeth erupt to help lubricate the gums and reduce pain.


This process may lead to drool-drenched faces and clothing, but it’s all part of the growth that our little ones go through. It’s nothing short of incredible and is something to celebrate as our babies get bigger and stronger!

2) Chewing on Objects

Watching your child’s facial expressions, actions, and behavior can give you significant hints about oral health and development. For instance, when a baby’s gums are inflamed, you may notice them putting more of their fingers in and around their mouth. They even reach for their clothes or toys for some much-needed relief. 


From an infant’s perspective, this is normal behavior, so don’t be alarmed! Rather, treat it as an opportunity to show extra love and prepare soothing baby items for those uncomfortable days.

3) Loss of Appetite

Being a parent of a teething baby can be an emotional rollercoaster. From sleepless nights to the seemingly endless cycle of trying to soothe the gums of your little one, it’s no small feat.


However, the most stressful peak could be when your little munchkin’s enthusiasm for eating unexpectedly stops. In their tiny world, the teething process is like an army of hard-working tooth miners beneath their gums: swollen, tender, and making eating almost impossible.

4) Low-Grade Fever

Nothing can match the joy of seeing a baby’s first tooth emerge. But what comes with the thrill of discovery can be a draining process for your young one.


Teething often comes with its fair share of misery, accompanied by a mild fever brought on by stress and over-taxing your child’s immune system. Their tiny bodies struggle to cope with the stress of cutting new teeth, often resulting in pain and exhaustion.

What To Do for a Teething Baby: Reminders and Remedies

what to give the baby for teething

What can I give my baby for teething? 


You may wonder how to take care of a teething baby. All parents have these questions at some point.


We believe that caring for a baby’s new teeth can be stressful. After all, no one wants to see their baby be constantly irritable. But at the same time, it’s reassuring. Every parent has experienced this transition at least once and knows there’s an end in sight. 


Of course, there’s no standard solution when your children begin teething, but there are tricks worth trying. Here are a few of the teething remedies we can recommend for parents:

1. Understand the Process

Educating yourself on the teething process is indispensable. Learning about the general timeframe and warning flags to watch out for can give you a sense of readiness and security.


Take note: Each child may go through teething differently, so getting to know about this part of your little one’s development will help you understand them better. Arm yourself with knowledge, and you’ll be sure to sail through this phase of parenting stress-free!

2. Use a Teething Gel

Sometimes, giving your baby additional comfort while teething may seem impossible. But, lucky for you, there are splendid solutions out there that can help soothe sore gums and provide relief. 


Teething gels can relieve your baby’s tender gums! In addition to reducing irritation, these gels work quickly to give your baby a chance to rest easy until the next wave of teething discomfort arrives.

3. Avoid Oral Pain Relief Tablets Unless Prescribed

Homeopathic teething tablets may give parents that miracle answer. Still, this might not always be the safest choice. These tablets don’t always get the rigorous medical testing they should.


If you feel that medication might be necessary, visit pediatric dentistry first for guidance. These professionals can talk you through any additional risks associated with homeopathic teething tablets and help you find safe and appropriate relief for your child’s discomfort.

4. Stay Away from Teething Necklaces

Taking care of the littlest family member is always a huge priority for parents. Thus, we advise avoiding teething necklaces (or should we say necklace-free!).


Some may think these jewelry pieces provide relief, but they don’t adhere to safety standards and pose a serious choking hazard. It’s best to try chewable toys made from food-safe silicone or rubber. With none of those small beads or other choking risks that come hand-in-hand with necklaces, safety is within reach.

5. Use a Soft-Bristled Baby Toothbrush

When teething pain strikes your baby, reach for a baby toothbrush! Its soft bristles will massage those aching gums with tiny circular motions that can help to alleviate pain.


Use only a little water or a fluoride-free solution to improve it. This way, they can get used to the sensation of brushing before adding any fluoride. You’ll be giving them relief from teething discomforts and setting up good brushing habits for life—what could be better?

6. Introduce Them to Teething Toys

Teething toys are a parent’s best friend! From teething rings, blocks, and chilly water-stuffed teethers, there’s no end to the possibilities that can help ease your baby through the teething process. 


These toys give them something fascinating and delightful to hold in their hands. Furthermore, you’ll rejoice with the sense of peace it creates in your home.

Fight Teething Pain with Ashtonbee Teething Toys

Teething can be a particularly cumbersome time for parents, especially when their little ones are in pain and upset. Nobody likes to see a baby crying in distress. And yet, we often feel powerless when removing their pain.


Thankfully, our teething toys from Ashtonbee have arrived to be your sidekick during this time! With a combination of tactile mouthing activities and long-lasting comfort, these soothing gears offer an unbeatable solution to fight teething pain and make life easier for families.

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