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At their sixth month, it’s safe to introduce your babies to foods other than breastmilk. In fact, physicians worldwide encourage parents to start their infants with solid food at six months, so your kids have other sources of nutrients and learn to eat other food. For you and your baby, eating solids is one of the growth milestones. But be cautious. Not all the food you eat should also be given to your kids.

We’ll list down some of the best foods to feed your little ones in this article. Take note of them so you can prepare yummy and healthy meals for your kids.



Delicious and Healthy: Best Foods for Growing Infants

It’s important to introduce your babies to different foods so they can get used to different flavors and textures, making the transition to solid food easier. Solid food also provides essential nutrients that promote your baby’s proper growth and development. All of these are beneficial to your kid’s health—from healthy vegetables, sweet fruits, to even lean meats.

Here’s a list of baby-friendly foods that you can try for your baby’s mealtime.


Blueberries are a sweet treat for kids, and they will surely enjoy eating this fruit. Blueberries are packed with antioxidants that promote good immunity. These nutrients help your baby’s cells recover from damage received from harmful substances and help reduce the risk of diseases. They are also good for your baby’s heart, eyes, and brain development.

When giving your babies blueberries, it’s better to mash them to avoid choking hazards. You can also mix them in yogurts or make popsicles your kids can enjoy. You can also try other berries like raspberry, blackberry, or strawberries to have different flavor options.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are the perfect starter for your baby’s venture into the world of solid food. This food is naturally sweet, so many babies will enjoy the taste. In addition, sweet potatoes are loaded with vitamin C, potassium, and fiber which are essential nutrients your kids need to grow properly. You can make a sweet potato puree and serve it in your best baby bowls. Your kids will surely love eating this meal.

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According to physicians, giving your kids bits of peanuts even at four months old can help prevent the development of peanut allergies. You don’t need to give them actual peanuts to eat at first because of the risk of choking. Instead, you can let them taste the peanut butter in little spoons or incorporate it into their baby food. You can also use it as a spread on toast when your kids have already learned how to chew and swallow solid food.

To err on the side of caution, especially if your family has a history of peanut allergies, it’s better to check with your physician and have your kids tested for allergies before you give them peanuts to eat.

Yogurt and Cheese

Your babies will love yogurt because it is similar to the taste of milk. In addition, plain yogurt is safe for your babies. It is rich in calcium and vitamin D, promoting excellent bone and tooth health. The live bacteria found in yogurt also aids your baby’s digestive health. Make sure that the yogurt you give has no added sugar.

It’s also helpful to choose whole milk yogurt because the fat from the milk gives your babies calories and the energy they need for the day. You can even add mashed fruits or apple sauce to enhance the taste of the yogurt, making it a yummy, healthy meal your kids will enjoy.

Cheese is also a good source of calcium and has vitamin B2 that fortifies your kid’s immune system. You can start your kids with Swiss cheese because it has a sweet taste that may appeal to your baby. Just make sure you chop them into small pieces to avoid choking.

Baby Cereal

There are baby-friendly cereals in the market that are iron-rich, which your little ones need for proper growth and development. You can give them cereal for breakfast with milk, or save it for snack time. They can munch on cereal when they are watching their shows or when you need to calm them. Just make sure you place the cereal in baby bowls with good suction, so your kids don’t make a mess while eating.


Meat is a good source of protein and promotes muscle growth. You can give your kids meat to support stronger muscle growth as they rapidly grow physically during their first year. Chicken is a great source of protein and vitamin B6, which helps their body extract nutrients from food. You give your kids chicken in bits or as shreds so they can eat it easily.

Another meat you can give your kids is beef. Beef is red meat that increases iron levels. This helps carry oxygen to red blood cells and promotes healthy brain development. You can puree meat and mix it with potatoes for your kids to eat, but when they are old enough to chew on their own, you can serve them well-done beef in small bits.

You can also add fish to your kid’s diet. Fish like salmon and cod contain essential fats that aid brain and eye development and strengthen immunity. You can also use this as an alternative for protein sources if your kids don’t like the taste of chicken or beef. However, fish can trigger allergic reactions, so make sure to check with your kid’s physician before feeding them fish for the first time.

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Happy Tummy, Healthy Baby

The food you give your kids plays an essential part in their proper growth and development. That’s why as parents, you must be careful with choosing the right foods for your kids. We hope this list helps with some healthy and delicious ideas.

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