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Do you have twins on the way? Congratulations! Caring for a single baby is already a lot of work, and the demand only doubles when you have twins. Nevertheless, the accomplishment, fun, and love are doubled too. If you’re expecting twins, find yourself lucky!

Keep in mind that the difficult part will get easier in a year or so. But let us help you enjoy every bit of your twin-baby parenting experience. Continue reading through this blog where we’ll share some tips on what to buy when preparing for your twins, from a bunk bed rail attachment to supplies you won’t want to be without. Let us also share some reminders of what every parent needs to know when raising twins. Let’s get started!


Caring for Twins: The Supplies You’ll Need

The ease of caring for twins begins when you have all the essential supplies. All the baby must-haves should be easily accessible, so in case one baby needs it, or both of them are crying for it at the same time, you can easily attend to their needs. Take note of these supplies you’ll need to invest in.

Twin feeding pillow

To make feeding easier, it is best to feed your little ones simultaneously so that they can have the same nap times too. A twin feeding pillow will allow both you and your babies to be in comfortable positions when breastfeeding as these pillows support the bodies of your babies. When your position is comfortable, your twins can feed as often as they can. The practice also allows you to produce milk equally from both breasts.

Twin stroller

Going out of town and exploring one place after another can be a relaxing adventure for you and educational moments for your little ones. Jumping from one itinerary to the next will be easier when you have twin strollers to carry your babies and their things.

Even at home, twin strollers are useful too. It can bring your little ones to sleep and serve as a chair you can easily move while they sit still.

Twin crib set

Sleep is more challenging when you have twins, as the noise and movement of one can mean the waking of the other. The best way for the twins to have quality sleep that’s safe and free from hurting one another when they start grabbing things, and for you to take a rest, is to give them separate cribs. Just keep the cribs next to each other to maintain their bond.

Bunk bed rails

When your twins start to outgrow their cribs, it is time to invest in big boy and girl beds. If you want a space saver, you can go for a bunk bed. This bed ensures the twins are still as close as possible but have the distance not to disturb one another when they sleep. Having separate sleeping areas also helps them develop their independence. To ensure their safety from injuries, baby-proof using a bunk bed rail extension.

Diaper changing table

For your diaper changing table, pick a design with drawers for diaper changing essentials. With two babies demanding diaper changes, an ergonomic changing table can help you become more efficient.

Keep your diapers in stock, too, by scheduling your purchase before the supply runs out! Set alarms on your phone if need be, or buy diapers online so they’ll be delivered to your doorstep without hassle.

bunk bed rail extender

Helpful Reminders for Parents of Twins Like You

Aside from items, there are plenty more you can do to make parenting for twins much easier. Keep these in mind during your parenting journey:

Know which baby is which.

One of the first challenges you’ll face is knowing which baby is which, especially when you have identical twins. During the first few days, you can keep the hospital tag attached to your little one as you figure out what characteristics keep them apart. You can also apply toxic-free paint to the babies’ nails and dress them in distinctive outfits. As time passes, you’ll easily be able to notice who’s who, no matter how alike they are.

You do not need to buy two of everything.

Twins are cute, especially when they wear the same outfits. These outfits are cute for special occasions, but there is no need to dress them alike all the time. Gender-neutral clothing is highly encouraged as it is cost-effective, with both babies being able to wear each other’s clothes. Having a single closet can also help during laundry days. Toys do not need to be in twos as well. This encourages sharing and develops their personalities. You may have twins, but each of your children will like different pastimes and toys.

Maintain twin bonds through cosleeping.

The bond between your twins will always be unique. Nourish the connection between your babies by not keeping them apart. It is tempting to let them stay in different rooms for sound sleep, but they grow better together. Putting them in the same room is only challenging at first, but let your little ones get used to each other’s noise and be able to sleep despite them. You can give them separate cribs next to each other to ensure their safety. Having a bunk bed rail extender when they grow is also handy.

Do not put all the tasks on your plate.

Having two babies at the same time is already overwhelming. On top of the baby caring tasks are the household chores you still need to accomplish. While you may have the strength to do all of them, it doesn’t hurt to ask for help from family and friends. You can also hire house cleaners and babysitters to give you time to relax. Don’t feel guilty for not handling everything yourself!

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Congratulations on your new arrivals! Twins are a lot of work, but also so much fun. Caring for twins can be daunting, but you can make it through the first few months with the right supplies and some helpful reminders. We hope that our list of must-haves and tips helps you prepare for the arrival of your little ones.

If you think you need any of the baby must-haves mentioned above and other tools for baby care, feel free to browse through our products here at Ashtonbee. We have feeding, playtime, and safety products for your little ones. You can also read through more of our blog posts to prepare you for parenting. We’re always here to help new parents navigate the wonderful world of twin baby care.

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