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Many establishments such as malls now have baby changing tables inside their restrooms. For moms and dads alike, these changing tables are a godsend. They make tending to your child’s needs easier and safer. Before changing tables became more accessible, changing your baby’s diapers used to be harder and riskier.

Unfortunately, bacteria and other harmful microorganisms can spread over its surface after frequent use without properly disinfecting it. Bacteria that can harm your little one include those found in the fecal matter, such as pseudomonas and gram-negative bacteria. Thankfully, you can rely on disinfecting wipes to remove these threats for you.

As a parent, you want only the best for your baby. The good news is that you can get the best protection for your little one with a baby changing table pad. A pad cover adds a layer of protection for your baby while you change their diaper on the table. But how do you pick the best baby changing pad?

Read more to learn what you should look out for when buying the changing pad cover for your little one!

What is a Changing Table Pad?

baby changing table pad - Mother changing her baby’s diaper

While establishments that provide baby changing tables for their patrons are commendable, these tables are usually made of plastic, hard to the touch, and completely flat. You wouldn’t want your baby to lie down on such an uncomfortable changing bed, would you? Fortunately a changing table pad can make a whole world of difference for your little one!

A changing table pad works like a cushion that shields your little one from the cold and hard changing table. It can also protect your baby from the hidden and nasty microorganisms that cover the surface of the table. Some changing table pads also come with straps to secure your little one as you go about changing diapers.

Benefits of Using a Changing Table Pad

  • Provides a Clean and Safe Space

Since everyone can use public changing tables, we can only guess how many kinds of bacteria live on their surface. Moms and dads can save their little ones from these hidden nasty microorganisms by spraying disinfectant all over the surface and wiping across.

But there could be instances when the table could be too much of a hassle to clean. This is where a changing pad cover with antimicrobial protection can save you from the frustration and stress of changing diapers. The changing pad cover provides a clean and safe space for your baby’s bum!

  • Keeps Your Baby Happy and Comfortable

Installing publicly accessible changing tables in restrooms is a much-appreciated gesture from business owners. However, these tables are either made of hard plastic or cold stainless steel. Both of which feel uncomfortable to the touch, especially for your baby’s delicate skin.

A baby changing table pad provides cushioning for your baby, particularly those made of cotton or polyurethane foam. Not all table pads do it the same way. Some have contoured sides that fit the shape of your baby, while others provide all-around padded foam comfort with their organic cotton material. Whichever you choose, your little one will surely appreciate the comfort that comes with a changing table pad.

  • Saves You From Embarrassment

You’re window shopping at your favorite mall while your little one rests on your chest, fast asleep. They woke up crying and, by the smell of it, you already knew what happened. You rushed into the restroom, brought down the changing table from the wall, and quickly got to work.

Unfortunately, your baby had too much to eat early this morning and made such a big mess. Now you hear hurried knocking from another mom impatiently waiting for her turn. You can’t possibly leave the restroom in such a messy state, can you?

With a changing table pad, you can easily contain the mess your little one did without leaving any trace for the next unsuspecting occupant of the restroom. A table pad can save you from the embarrassment of apologizing to the person next in line.

  • Keeps Your Little One in Place

Don’t let their small size fool you—babies can get really frisky. Whenever they’re too happy or too upset, they move a lot and flail their arms around. When you’re trying to change their diapers, it can be a real challenge to get it done.

Some baby changing table pads have straps that can help you secure your little one in place. It can prevent accidents and make the entire process easier for you. Other pads feature a combination of laces and straps that can do the job better and safer.

  • Handle Your Little Ones’ Business Whenever and Wherever

A portable changing table pad can be your best friend in cases when your baby did the deed in an inconvenient place and time. For instance, there could be situations where a comfort room with a changing table isn’t readily available. If you carry your portable changing pad with you, you’re in luck!

A portable changing table pad can be simply unrolled on any flat surface and transformed into a makeshift changing table for your little one. Don’t forget to wipe the surface with disinfectant wipes before and after changing the diaper!

What to Look For When Buying a Changing Table Pad

baby changing table pad - Ashtonbee Portable Diaper Changing Pad

A baby changing table pad is not something you can cheap out on. You have to trust the product to keep your baby comfortable and safe. You need to carefully consider your options when buying a table pad for your little one.

A substandard product can possibly lead to accidents and harm your baby. So be sure to make a checklist of things to look out for. Check out our list below to help you find the perfect diaper changing pad for your little one!

  • Portability

Diapers, milk formula, bottles, extra clothes, and baby wipes are just a few among the many things that you have to bring with you on your trips with your little one. A diaper changing pad must be lightweight and portable enough to fit in your bag with baby essentials.

Some baby changing table pads are large in size and too bulky, while others can be folded or rolled into a size that can fit your palm. The bulky ones offer more cushioning for your baby, while the smaller ones trade the thick cushioning for high portability.

Check out the best portable changing pad for diaper bags for the money! Hint: you can easily attach it to your stroller!

  • Safety

Your baby’s safety is simply non-negotiable. When buying a changing mat, you should check what the documentation says about the materials it is made out of. The table pad comes into contact with your baby’s delicate skin, so you should be on the lookout for allergens and harsh chemicals that can harm your baby.

In addition to using materials with antimicrobial protection, some manufacturers include additional safety features in their products. For example, the table pad may include a velcro safety strap and some laces that you can use to secure your baby and prevent them from rolling over.

  • Durability

No good parent ever gives up on their most beloved children. That’s why the best changing pad for your little one should be able to withstand frequent uses without wear and tear. Make sure that your table pad is made out of the most durable materials.

Ashtonbee Is Here to Help

A changing pad can make your and your little one’s life a tad bit easier. When your baby does the nasty deed, you can rely on a diaper changing pad to help you with diaper change with no fuss at all. But where can you purchase a high-quality and affordable table pad?

Ashtonbee has got your back! Go ahead and peruse the selection of baby change pad covers on sale! From now on, no more worrying about your little one’s little accidents!

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