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Has worrying about your toddler ever kept you up at night? You check the baby monitor, and they’re fine, and you rest your head on the pillow and try to go back to sleep. Then the thought creeps up on you: for how long?

As parents, the safety of our child comes first–always. But in the late hours of the night, when we are resting after a day’s worth of work, how can we ensure our children sleep safely?

Here’s something: a toddler bed rail guard. That’s right—soft edges on a thick mattress to keep them company while you’re away! That way, you can rest without worrying about your baby. Here are a few pointers to look for in the market for the best toddler bed rails.

Why You Need Bed Rails For Your Toddler

First of all, why do you need the best toddler bed rails? Your children can’t be that clumsy, can they? So maybe you should keep them by your side, waking now and then to make sure they’re safe.

As much as we love being called super mom or dad, we can only do so much to keep our babies safe. And that’s the first reason you need bed rails: comfort for both you and your little one.

Helps Monitor Your Child

Toddler bed rails will keep your baby in place when you need to let them go, even for a bit. That way, you won’t have to worry about them crawling to dangerous spaces or falling off the toddler bed

At the same time, you can leave your baby in a nice, comfortable place. Then, when you’re finished with the urgent chores, you can just come back and pick up your child.

Allows You to Focus On Other Things

It’s commonly said that parenting is a full-time job, especially in the beginning. Children are fragile, vulnerable beings, and being the protective parents we are, we want to hold their hand the whole way, ensuring they don’t miss a step.

But we have lives, too. Some of us have to take care of our jobs, friends and family, and urgent responsibilities. Getting toddler bed rails will leave you with a means of keeping your baby safe while you catch up on the other things in your life. Even if it means just freeing your hands for a few hours, that’s already enough.

Added Comfort for Your Little One

Most toddler bed rails are designed to keep children safe. Others are made from soft materials and decorated with light coloring to give the child comfort in isolation. Adding a bed rail guard could make it feel like a new bed!

Eases Stress and Anxiety

Being a parent is hard physically, emotionally, and mentally. The stress of waking up in the middle of the night or the constant dilemma of ‘baby versus something important’ is already too much for any parent, so why add your baby’s safety to the list? 

Ease stress and anxiety by leaving them with bed rails on the bed—a simple task that can mean a big thing in the long run. No more carrying 24/7 or worrying about whether or not your baby is safe where they sit. The toddler bed rails will assure you. Consider them like a co-parent.

What to Look For in Bed Rails

So you’ve decided to get them. Good for you! That’s one small step to help manage your life as a parent. You decide to open your phone and order one online, but out of the hundreds (if not thousands) of options, you’re left dumbfounded: which one do you get?

Here are a few characteristics we recommend you look out for. 

Sturdy And Durable 

Of course, this is a given, but since this is your child, you might not want to take any chances. Choose toddler bed rails that are on the soft side but durable. Since your child may be crawling around the toddler bed on their own, they may not be aware of the rail guards. 

Avoid toddler bed safety rails made of hardwood, steel frames, or metal rods because your child might bump into these things. Instead, we recommend softer materials, like cushioned fabrics or inflatables.

Soft on the Child’s Skin

Skin-on-rail contact is another thing to consider. If you plan to leave your child in the care of these safety rails, you should match the comfort of the guard rail to the bedding, so it will not irritate the child’s skin. Children are far too vulnerable to skin infections or rashes for you to choose rails on the rougher side.


Parenthood shouldn’t prevent you from traveling, nor should your concern for the child’s safety prevent their adventures. So choose the best toddler bed rails you can pack to ensure your child’s safety wherever you go. Portable bed rails are a must-have for parents on the go.

Right Size

And finally, none of these will matter if you purchase toddler bed rails that are not the right size. Too much can go wrong with little gaps between the bed, the mattress, and the railing; even bare inches are points of concern. 

That’s why you need to confirm the size of your child’s bed railings before making an order. Measure your bedframe and mattress, look at the dimensions of the railing you are thinking of getting, and simply add the railing to the bed. 

Ashtonbee’s Portable Bed Rail for Toddlers

With all of these considerations, it would be a crime not to introduce you to Ashtonbee’s Portable Bed Rail for Toddlers, the safest and most practical bed rail for toddlers!

Take Them Anywhere

Take Ashtonbee’s Portable Bed Rail for Toddlers anywhere and wherever you and your little ones need to be. The bed rails are inflatable, making them pocket-size and travel ready. Perfect for family vacations, a visit to relatives, or parents who are always on the go. Deflate them when packing and inflate them when about to use them!

Non-slip Silicone Grip

To ensure secure placement on toddler beds (or a big kid bed), Ashtonbee added non-slip silicone support to the rail guard. Just cover them with your bedsheet, just above the edges of the box springs, and rest assured that your child isn’t going anywhere. 

You can push, pull, and fall on these railings, and it wouldn’t budge. And don’t worry about them being a safety hazard—our inflatable railings are designed to make safety comfortable.

Sturdy as Can Be

Ashtonbee’s bed safety railings are stronger than they look. Despite being light and inflatable, these railings can stand to hold up to three hundred pounds—more than enough to keep your baby safe where he is, regardless of the child’s weight. 

So even though our railings are not tall, like conventional bed railings in the market, you can rest assured our bed rails can prevent accidents like falling out of the bed or injuring yourself on the railing.

Universal Sizing

Our portable guard rails aren’t just easy to pack. They are also easy to place around the bed. Ashtonbee’s inflatable bed railings come in universal sizing, perfect for any bed size, whether a toddler’s bed, queen size bed, king size, bunk bed, platform bed, big kid bed—any bed size, or bed type. 

It even fits twin beds! Place as many railings as needed on the edge of your bed and cover them with your bedding. Our railings are proven and tested as comfortable for children, meaning you let them sleep safely and keep them relaxed, too!


We’ve also considered the conditions where you’ll be placing these railings and thought we could make them ready to take on any weather or accident. Ashtonbee’s toddler bed safety rails are waterproof and easy to wash! Make sure to deflate them before cleaning, and you’re good to go.

Different Design

Unlike traditional bed railings or ‘baby fences,’ Ashtonbee’s Portable Bed Rail for Toddlers is a soft cushion at the edge, like bed bumpers. The bed rail allows the child to feel less ‘trapped,’ thus leaving them more comfortable and relaxed than they would otherwise be inside relatively tall wall-like spaces.

Keep Your Child Safe With Ashtonbee’s Toddler Bed Rails

At Ashtonbee, we treat your child as our own and provide them with safe and healthy products that can cultivate their growth. The bed railings are just one among a long list of products that children all over the country will come to love.

Feel free to browse the rest of our website if you’re looking for more baby-friendly products. Let us take charge of your child’s safety and well-being with products that your baby loves.

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