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When you’re in the market for a new baby pillow, you must do your research first. With proper research, you’ll know how to pick only the best for your child, no matter how many choices there are. Don’t just randomly pick a baby pillow to purchase—especially because your little one’s wellness is at stake. 

This blog post will discuss the different types of baby pillows, their benefits, and how to choose the best one for your child. We’ve also included tips on how to use a baby pillow safely and effectively. So if you’re considering adding a baby sleeping pillow to your nursery or are just curious about what they are all about, read on!

Different Types of Baby Pillows

There are a lot of cute baby pillows out there, but the perfect one is designed to fulfill a particular purpose your baby needs. Check these different baby pillows out:

U-Shaped Pillow

You can use the U-shaped infant pillow in various ways. If your baby is too young to sit, you can use it as a nursing pillow by inserting the curved part of the pillow over your torso or tummy area and letting your little one lay on it as they feed. There are smaller U-shaped pillows available that you can use as neck support for your baby when traveling. Keep the pillow handy by putting it in the baby’s car seat.

Bassinet Pillow

Does your baby have a bassinet? Make their stay inside cozy through a bassinet pillow. This pillow has an incline that allows the head of the baby to be higher than its body. Babies positioned this way experience more comfort, especially when bottle feeding. 

Lounger Pillow

As the name of the pillow suggests, this is the pillow used when you and your little one lounge. Some loungers are meant to be a baby’s cushion when they lay with you in bed, and some look like mini sofas.

Flat Head Pillow

There are also pillows that are especially designed to prevent or address flat head syndrome on babies. This type of pillow has a hole in the middle meant for the back of the baby’s head to rest on. This way, the part won’t be flattened, unlike when using a regular pillow. Aside from pillows, there are also head caps and helmets babies can wear to shape their head. Just make sure to get a go signal from a pediatrician before using anything for your baby’s flat head.

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Baby Pillow Facts

Have you found which type of pillow you think can make your little one more comfortable? Before you purchase one, check out these facts on baby pillows first. Baby pillows can be hazards, so it’s important to know everything you can before they’re in your hands.

Babies aren’t required to use pillows.

Note that newborns aren’t required to have pillows. Experts discourage its use to avoid risks of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) from pillows that can accidentally block their mouth and nose. Parents should always be cautious, and minimizing things in a baby’s crib or bed is still the priority for safe sleep.

It’s safe to use baby pillows for a toddler.

Nevertheless, toddlers can safely use baby pillows, as agreed upon by experts. This age is okay because the toddlers already have the strength to remove anything that accidentally covers their face, nose, or mouth. Though it is still best to pick lightweight pillows to avoid accidents.

A newborn pillow helps address flat head syndrome.

Flat head syndrome has many causes: the baby’s fetal position, congenital disabilities, having multiple fetuses in one pregnancy, torticollis, giving birth, and a baby’s sleep position can all contribute. If the last reason is the cause, and you’ve noticed a flat spot on your baby’s head, a pillow designed to address a flat head will help give the baby’s head a better shape.

Adding Some Fun with Baby Pillows

Aside from the comfort and assistance baby pillows bring to flat head syndrome, they can also add fun to your baby’s nursery. Here are the different ways you can inject some fun by using baby pillows.

  • Choose bold colors, especially if the pillow is for younger babies. They see and respond to bolder colors of white, black, and red.
  • Bright colors attract babies and can add joy to your baby’s crib, bed, and the nursery room as a whole.
  • You can pick pillows featuring their favorite cartoon characters when your baby is a bit older.
  • Matched pillows, mattresses, sheets, and blankets are visually pleasing and will surely make your baby’s nursery beautiful.

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Ashtonbee’s Baby Pillows

It can be tough to figure out which pillow for a baby is the best for your child, but with a little research, you can make an informed decision. Whether you decide on a standard U-shaped pillow or something more unique like Ashtonbee’s baby pillows, we hope this information helps make your choice easier.

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