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Babies love pacifiers, but sometimes they can be a hassle to keep track of. If you’re looking for a way to keep your baby’s pacifier close and easy to find, using a pacifier clip is the perfect solution! 

They keep the pacifier close by and off the floor, which is especially important when your little one is starting to crawl around. These nifty little clips can be attached to just about anything to keep your baby’s pacifier within reach. Check out these fun and functional ways to use baby pacifier clips!

Fun Ways To Use Pacifier Clips

When you have a baby, every activity should always be filled with fun to make moments memorable. Even in the tiniest detail of picking pacifier clips, you can inject excitement and joy. Here are the fun ways to use these little trinkets. 

Pick From a Variety of Designs

Why opt for plain and brightly colored clips and lanyards when you can choose from a huge variety of options? Some clips have cute animal and character designs. The lanyards also offer different sets of designs, from cloth lanyards with prints and shapes to rubber lanyards with different colors and molded shapes.

Match Your Baby’s Outfit

Babies are so fun to dress. They are already cute, but their loveliness doubles when they wear their outfits of the day. Match every outfit of your little one with a suitable lanyard and clip. You can even add other pacifier accessories if you want to take fashion to another level.

Customize and Personalize

Another way to have fun with a pacifier clip is through customization. You can choose between a metal clip or wood pacifier clip you can paint or draw on. Lanyards can be customized with beads to spell your little one’s name or add cute character beads. Mix and match bead colors and kinds to make the final output visually pleasing.

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Functional Uses of Pacifier Clips

After the fun stuff you can expect in using a pacifier clip, here are the practical functions you can use it for. When you begin using them, you’ll realize they are worth the investment. With these benefits, you may even tell yourself why you haven’t invested in it as early as you can. 

Keeps Pacifier Close

Some babies use their pacifiers as a security blanket. When they use it, they are less likely to throw tantrums. You can give them their pacifier to ease their discomfort. Skip the hassle of looking for the pacifier around and hearing your little one wail as they are already clipped in your baby’s clothes.

Keeps Pacifier Clean

One of the most common problems parents face is repeatedly cleaning pacifiers because they keep falling. Skip this hassle and let your little one use clean pacifiers through pacifier clips. The lanyards have just the right length so that when the pacifier falls, it will not fall to the ground. 

Ensures Pacifier Won’t Get Lost

Babies also use their pacifiers outdoors when on the move, doing errands, or traveling. Whether on a carrier or stroller, you cannot always check your belongings. With a pacifier clip, you are sure your little one’s safety blanket will not get lost as it is safely clipped on their clothing, bibs, stroller, or carrier.

How to Care for Your Baby Pacifier Clips

There are various pacifier clip designs available, but using them plays on either clipping them on your clothes, pinning a button of the lanyard around the pacifier ring, or looping a string at the end of the lanyard around the pacifier ring. 

If your pacifier clips are made of cloth lanyards, always wash and dry the lanyard to avoid the production of bacteria. You should wash the rubber string with soap and warm water to ensure cleanliness. 

If your pacifier holder uses beads, ensure that the little pieces are safely tied together, and the string that keeps them together is durable to avoid any choking hazard.

Ashtobee’s Fun and Functional Baby Supplies

So there you have it, the fun and functional ways to use pacifier clips. Whether you’re looking for a way to keep your little one’s pacifier close by or want to jazz up an outfit with cute matching accessories, these ideas will get you started. If you need any more convincing, remember that using baby pacifier clips also keeps the pacifier clean and prevents it from getting lost. 

Ready to start using them, or are you looking for more fun and functional baby accessories and supplies? Head over to Ashtobee’s online store for a variety of products for your little one and get started on searching, “Which pacifier is best for teeth?” 

Keep browsing through our articles. We have the answers to your many baby-related questions!

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