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Starting in the fourth month, you can lessen your baby’s breast milk intake and give them solid food for sustenance.

Weaning or introducing solid food to your little one is an important milestone. With it, your baby will learn to eat alone and act independently. But feeding them involves food flying and a messy dining room. For this reason, you should start by teaching them how to use a spoon.

This article will explore weaning and why the best first-stage baby infant spoons are incredibly needed.



When Can Babies Start with Solids?

Starting your baby on solids too early can increase the risks of choking, tummy aches, and abnormal weight gain. Conversely, your baby might dislike solids and stunt their growth if you introduce solids too late.

Even if you have the best baby spoon or spoon set, you should wait till your baby is around four to six months old before trying them on solids. On top of age, here are some other tells to know when it’s time:

Your baby looks interested in your food. 

If your baby is ogling at you while you eat and mimics your mouth when chewing, then it’s a good time to let them try.


Your baby can sit comfortably and independently on the high chair. 

You can’t wean your baby if they still can’t hold their head up. Your baby is only ready to chow down when they can stay in the upright position to avoid choking.

Your baby can move food back to their throats to swallow. 

When your little one seems to push out the baby food you just gave, you might think that they don’t like it. But they may just not know where the food should be going.

It’s also okay if your baby doesn’t start liking solids on the first try. Don’t force them to use an infant spoon, either. All babies develop at their own pace.

If your baby shows at least one or two of these signs, you can start introducing solids.

How to Start Your Baby on Solids 

Transitioning from breast milk to solids is usually pretty easy since your baby will enjoy the new, exciting flavors and textures that come into play. However, letting your baby feed on solids doesn’t mean you should completely cut them off from their milk.

Breast milk will still serve as their main source of nutrition until at least 12 months. At the same time, baby food complements breastfeeding.

Here are some of the basic rules of introducing solids to your baby:

Start slowly.

Half a spoonful is a good amount to start with. You can start mealtime with a little breast milk, then try offering some solids, and end with more breast milk.

In addition, we recommend feeding your baby solid food in the morning when your baby is hungry.

Stick with the same foods before trying new ones. 

Don’t get too excited and prepare a buffet for your infant. It might upset their tummies, having to eat different foods all at once. Instead, let your baby familiarize themselves with the food so that their digestive system can develop the enzymes and faculties needed.

Don’t forget to track your baby’s food intake so you know when and what they may be allergic to.

Prep the food in different forms.

Like adults, babies can get tired of mushy food. They will find it boring and play with it instead. So keep it mashed, but try forming them into different shapes. You can also pick soft foods that are easy to chew.

Introduce baby spoons.

Feeding spoons are the first utensils your child will learn to use. No rule prohibits parents from using silver spoons unless they are too heavy. However, normal spoons are often too big and hard for your baby. In addition, silverware could cause discomfort to the baby’s gums and teeth.

The best baby spoons (stage 1) are quite easy to use and safe for your baby’s little hands. A quality weaning spoon is made from food-grade silicone, free from chemical contaminants like BPA.

Spoon-Friendly Solids 

Now that your baby is set to explore new tastes, find out what kinds of foods are best for them. These foods often come in a soft form to prevent choking. However, soft foods mean more mess, which is why baby spoons play an important role.

Ideal foods for a baby spoon are:


  • Cereal or oatmeal for infants
  • Mashed potatoes
  • Mashed bananas
  • Mashed sweet potatoes
  • Pear puree
  • Mashed peas and carrots
  • Applesauce
  • Mashed butternut squash

Giving your little one ice cream, nuts, or fried chicken can be tempting. But it’s better to hold off on those rich foods first. Your baby might not be ready to digest these types of food as they contain a lot of protein, iron, zinc, and lactose.

Processed and hard foods are out of the question since they are harder to swallow. Plus, they are choking hazards for your little one.

Foods that are soft, mashed, pureed, or cut into tiny bits are best for your baby spoons. You can also opt to prepare thick sauces so your baby can easily glob them onto a baby feeding spoon.

Baby-Led Weaning Vs. Spoon Feeding 

One of many debates among parents is whether or not to let babies feed themselves.

Self-feeding or baby-led weaning is gaining popularity as it claims to improve your baby’s confidence and motor skills. It also disciplines your little one to regulate their own food intake.

Based on some research on baby-led weaning, babies learn to recognize when they’re full, and there are fewer tantrums for parents to stress about. As a result, your baby can differentiate hunger from satiety, leading to healthier weight gain.

On the other hand, traditional weaning gives parents more control over their baby’s food intake. Spoon-feeding your little one also develops trust and dependence. It also gives parents the advantage of including a range of nutritious foods your baby will normally ignore.

Each method has its downsides. For example, some babies who were baby-led are slightly pickier with foods. In contrast, spoonfed babies may be more obese or spoiled.

Should you let your baby use the best baby spoons in the first stage on their own or with your help? We believe that a bit of both methods are better. That way, you can teach your baby how to be self-reliant with some boundaries.


A collage of babies using Ashtonbee’s baby spoons

Choose Ashtonbee’s Best Baby Spoons for Your Infant 

Weaning your baby is one of the fondest memories you will have. So whatever type of solid food you introduce or method you choose, start slowly.

Moreover, don’t stop breastfeeding entirely, and keep solids to small amounts. Mealtimes might take longer and may be messier, but you can make everything better with a baby spoon.

Ashtonbee’s baby spoon is a top-quality baby utensil suitable for your baby’s little mouth. This best baby spoon has a soft tip that can make your baby’s self-feeding or spoon feeding enjoyable compared to metal spoons.

Check out Ashtonbee’s baby cutlery and other mealtime needs for your baby today!

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