toddler girl bike - Parent guiding girl toddler on a balance bike

Cruising around the cul de sac may seem like an activity reserved for boys. But if your little kid wants to ride a bike and have fun, can you say no? Unless your toddler grows like a magic beanstalk, she has yet to fit a properly-sized bicycle. Your little one deserves a kids bike that will give her an unforgettable riding experience.

Unfortunately, with countless bikes lining up the store’s aisles, it seems almost impossible for you to get through all of them one by one. So while letting your child pick the girls’ bike that she likes the most, it wouldn’t hurt if you help her narrow down her choices. But what exactly should you look for when shopping for your toddler’s first-ever bike?

If you’re eager to discover the benefits of biking and the best toddler girl bike, read more!

Why Start at Such a Young Age?

toddler girl bike - Girl toddler with a balance bike

As a new parent, you might have some reservations about letting your little one step on the pedal. Riding a girls’ bike around the neighborhood does seem like a big leap from when she took her first steps. Rest assured, your little kid will thank you for introducing her to bike riding at such a young age.

Still undecided? Here are some more reasons you should grab a toddler bike for your child!

Get Her Up and Moving

Did you know that they also make toy smartphones for children? Since children mimic what adults do, your child might think that your frequent smartphone use is fun and normal. While it may seem cute and quirky at first, confining your toddler to the bright and colorful screens of gadgets is detrimental to their health and overall development.

By introducing your child to the wonders of biking at a young age, you also guide her towards a healthier and more active lifestyle. Exploring the outdoors with her two-wheeled buddy can help her develop a strong disposition for physical activities rather than a sedentary lifestyle. As she grows up, this can lead to her exploring different sports and other outdoor activities (like road bike and mountain bike cycling).

Form Unforgettable Moments

What many parents mistakenly do is let their children play with their phones and watch YouTube videos all day. Busy parents who are preoccupied with their jobs can find this convenient to keep their children entertained and calm. However, this can have a negative effect of isolating yourself from your own kids. Your electronic gadgets have done your parenting for you.

If you guide your child by the hand and teach them how to ride a bike, you also strengthen the bond between the two of you. As your toddler stumbles and falls, you will be there to help her get right back up. Moments like these may seem small and insignificant but these are the very precious moments that your child will remember as she grows up.

Get To Know the Neighborhood

These days, It has become very easy to get everything you would ever need without stepping a foot outside your home. This modern convenience can also have undesirable side effects. You become isolated from the rest of your local community since you have to get out of your house less frequently. If your child had to go out, she would feel like she’s in a strange and alien place.

As you and your little kid ride around the neighborhood, you help her get familiar with the place. If she ever gets lost, she will hopefully remember the landmarks you encountered and quickly find her way home. Aside from knowing the location itself, she can get herself acquainted with your neighbors, which helps form important relationships and build a sense of community.

Save the Planet by Going Green

Instead of relying on your gasoline-powered car for short-distance travel, why not make it a point to teach your little girl the importance of biking? Everyone has become more environmentally conscious these days and your toddler should be no exception. Aside from being a practical form of transportation, biking can help her be more clean and green.

Adults have become averse to riding a bike to work because they never got used to the physical demands of cycling. Nip the problem in the bud! While she is still at a young and impressionable age, teach how cycling helps the environment. This is especially important since it is her generation that will have to endure the negative effects of environmental damage.

Prepare Her to Take On the World

Despite having just learned how to walk, your little girl is ready for another challenge! Don’t let her shy away from risks as all these can become essential learning experiences. Grab the best bike to slowly introduce her to the world of cycling! Build up her confidence as she steps on the pedal and moves forward. Your little child will soon turn into a daring girl.

The confidence you helped your child build will have life-lasting effects. It’s not just about outdoor activities like cycling on an adult bike (e.g. mountain bike and road bike). If she ever faces a dilemma, she will be less hesitant to avoid risks. If she ever has to meet a challenge, she will rise up to the occasion without any hesitation! Your little girl will definitely thank you for this in the future.

Which Kids Bike Is the Best?

Since your toddler has just begun taking her first steps, she can’t hop on a regular pedal bike. However, you can help her become comfortable with using a bike before even letting her sit on a real pedal bike. Balance bikes have no pedals and are designed for the specific purpose of teaching children to balance on a bike without the help of a training wheel.

How would you know for certain which is the best kids bike for your little girl? Keep reading to find out!

Made of Non-Slip Material

As soon as your child learned to crawl and climb, you realized how fragile they are. They can easily hurt themselves as they stumble across the room. That’s why parents like yourself have to baby-proof every nook and cranny of your home to make sure it remains a safe place for your child.

As for the best toddler bike for your kid, ensure that it is made of safe and quality materials. Most importantly, your child should be able to comfortably and firmly take hold of any of its parts without slipping off. As they are still learning to balance themselves, expect them to often fall from the bike seat. A textured surface across the bike will give enough friction for their small hands.

For extra safety, consider getting your toddler complementing toddler bike helmets (for 2–4 year old girls).

Easy to Set Up

Regular bikes have many moving parts. As such, they become difficult to assemble and maintain. When one part breaks down, you have to send it back to the shop for repairs. However, a balance bike is simple in design and should be easy to set up for first use. It doesn’t even come with training wheels so there are fewer parts to assemble.

Once you take the parts out of the box, your little girl should be racing down the sidewalk in no time!

Available in Fun Colors

Young children always grab the brightest and most colorful toy out of their toy box. Objects with bright and fun colors never fail to catch the attention of small children. Likewise, the color of your little girl’s balance bike should match her bubbly personality. Let her pick which color she wants her balance bike to be in. She deserves to have fun while looking great on her new colorful bike!

While you’re at it, don’t forget to have the color of her toddler girl’s dirt bike helmet match her bike’s colors!

The Perfect Girls Bike For Your Kid

toddler girl bike - Ashtonbee Baby Balance Bike

At this point, you are probably wondering where you could find the best toddler bike and a toddler girl bike helmet for your little girl. Don’t fret because we have you covered!

Check out the Baby Balance Bike we have on sale. It’s easy to set up, available in three colors, and has a non-slip handlebar and tires for your child’s safety. The wheel size is perfect for toddlers as well. This balance bike ticks all the checkboxes, making it a great first bike for toddlers.

If it’s raining outside, don’t worry! Your toddler can still enjoy her balance bike on this large and spacious Baby Foam Play Mat with Fence! Buy your toddler a balance bike today, and watch her confidence soar!

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