Your growing baby is now at the age where everything excites them. With so much energy to spend, they might have a hard time staying still, particularly during bath time. It might be tricky to hold them still to prevent any accidents and finish in less time than it usually takes.

If you’re having trouble with this, nonslip bath seats are a good investment. They are parents’ best friends during bath time, especially with security features such as straps and suction cups. A baby bath seat with suction cups is a great investment for you and your baby, and here’s why.



  1. Keeps the Baby Safe in the Bath

The main purpose of a baby seat for bath time is to keep your child safe and secure. Thus, you can rest assured that most bath chairs have safety features.

The first thing you might notice is the suction cups. This feature adds grip to the seat even when submerged in water. The second feature is similar to a feeding chair; it has a leg divider and an armrest. It helps the baby’s body sit upright. These features all intend to give you and your baby a worry-free bath time.

  1. Can Be Used on Kitchen Sink or Bathroom Countertop

A suction baby bath seat offers mobility for moms and dads who don’t like squatting next to a bath. You can use your sink, bathroom counter, or any other location near a water supply. With the suction cup feature, your child’s bath chair is secure wherever you want to bathe them.

  1. Fits Well in Any Standard Bathtub

One advantage of using a bathtub is that it allows more time for your baby to play and enjoy the water. But without the baby seat, you might have a hard time making sure your baby doesn’t slip or hurt themselves. You’ve got one hand on the baby and the other struggling to clean them.

Let your baby enjoy their time inside the bathtub with a baby seat made to fit any standard bathtub.

  1. Encourages Playtime

Bath time is an experience that can help develop a baby’s senses and motor skills. With the seat, you can confidently put toys in the water or on the wall of the tub. Let their cleaning time also be a fun time without worrying about the baby’s every move. Make anywhere and anytime a playtime with safe-for-baby products like the baby bath seat.

  1. Lessens Bathtime

Wouldn’t it be nice to worry less about long baths? While you let your baby play for as long as possible, the time for the actual bath will thankfully be less if you put your child in the bath chair. You can effectively time each baby bath to incorporate it into your daily schedule as a busy parent.

  1. Prevents Water from Going into Their Nose and Mouth

Babies are clumsy. They can’t quite balance themselves sitting down. So when you let your baby bathe without a seat, they might fall, slip, or splash around too much, resulting in water inside their nose and mouth.

The baby bath seat with suction cups helps keep your little bundle of joy in place so that they can enjoy playing with the right amount of water.

  1. Frees Your Hands and Gives You Extra Prep Time

Since it will be easier to bathe the baby, parents can now prepare for before and after baths more effectively. In addition, you have extra hands free to reach or grab anything that the baby needs, even from afar.

  1. Has a Comfortable, Padded Bottom That Protects Their Feet

Your infant may move around on their feet or bounce up and down while sitting. Unfortunately, babies bruise easily, so make sure your baby bath seat is made of materials that protect your baby. Materials like a padded bottom add safety and also act as a nonslip feature.

happy family mother-baby blue towel

  1. Makes Good Memories Every Time

Bathing requires both of your hands on deck, so you won’t have the opportunity to make and capture enough memories. Infants grow fast, and you don’t want to miss taking pictures and videos of them enjoying their bath time and playtime.

With secure baby bath chairs, you can grab your phone, hit record, and maybe even show your child their time on the tub when they get older.

  1. Makes Bathtime Fun for You and Your Baby

Baby’s scrub time doesn’t have to be fun for the baby alone. Nurture your bond by interacting and playing with them. Baths won’t feel like a chore anymore since you now have more time to connect with your child. Enrich their social experience with you in the bathroom.

Tips When Bathing the Baby

Here are some quick tips for bathtime for new parents who have yet to give their babies their first baths.

  1. Fill the tub with enough water to clean your infant. You can fill it up to the baby’s belly button if they can sit upright on their own.
  2. Use mild warm water. To test if the temperature is baby-safe, dip your wrist or elbow in the water and check if it makes you uncomfortable.
  3. Shampoo baby’s hair last. Use a soft cloth for the face, neck, body, and, lastly, the genitals and bottom.

Final Thoughts

It’s important to be mentally present while bathing your child. They can feel safe in the water when you make it safe for them. And with their safety assured, you can relax and let your baby play as much as they want to.

Invest in a baby bath ring seat with suction cups for an easy, fun, and safe bath time for your infant. Ashtonbee shop has products and accessories loved by babies and parents. They are made from safe materials that babies will enjoy using. All of them are easy to clean and store too!

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