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Whether you’re a first-time parent or a veteran, it’s important to be prepared as a little human being relies on you. There will come a time when stocking up on various baby bibs will be the norm! These fabrics come in handy for many reasons—from catching drool and spit-up to avoiding food stains on your child’s clothes. 

Aside from their practical use, wearing them can also be fun for your baby. From stylish bandana bibs to functional cloth bibs, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading for more information on each type of baby bib and the different ways to incorporate enjoyment when using it.

The Different Types of Baby Bibs

When you hear of baby bibs, you think of either the cloth around your baby’s neck to absorb saliva from their drool or the silicone ones that have ready-made food dribble catchers. However, there are more types than just these two. Let’s check out the various types of bibs here. 

Plastic Bibs

Plastic bibs have the same design as many other bibs—a loop that wraps around the neck and a cloth that covers the neck and chest area of the baby. What makes this design stand out is the plastic makeup of the bib, especially the area catching liquids and solids. When the bib gets wet or smudged, you can wipe off the dirt easily. When the bib gets soiled, it is also easy to throw it in the laundry to keep it clean and fresh.

Organic Cotton

Now, if you are looking for a drool bib, you need something absorbent. Bibs made of organic cotton are excellent as this material is a great absorber. You can also proactively wipe off drool before it slides onto your baby’s neck, causing rashes. The only disadvantage of using cotton bibs is that they easily get soiled. For example, teething babies produce more drool, so you’ll need to change their bibs more often.

Silicone Baby Bibs

Silicone baby bibs are among the most common bibs you’ll see and are best worn when eating. This bib is made of food-grade silicone, so it’s okay if your little one still manages to eat the food that falls in the pouch. A silicone bib is water-resistant, so liquid spills are okay too. You also do not have to worry about cleaning it up. Simply wash the bib with water and soap, and then air dry to be used again.

Smock Bibs

Smock bibs are worn like shirts. Its length covers the neck area up to the knees and is often worn by toddlers. Aside from meal times, smock bibs are useful during art classes when the little ones use paints that might stain and ruin their clothes. These bibs are waterproof and are easy to clean.

Bandana Bibs

Meanwhile, if you want your baby to use something more hip and fashionable, use baby bandana bibs. These bibs come in different colors, and they also have different prints you can easily match with your baby’s attire. They may seem like an accessory, but they also fulfill the practical function of catching and absorbing baby drool. To use them, simply attach the two ends with velcro straps or buttons behind the baby’s neck.

Disposable Bibs

Meanwhile, if you are out and about travelling, you can rely on disposable bibs. These bibs are sold in packs and have food catchers. They are also absorbent, so your baby will be protected from drool. These bibs come in various child-friendly prints that are enticing for babies. The best part is that you can dispose of them after use—perfect for when you’re on the move.

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Tips for Making Bib Wearing Fun

Baby bibs are not just about protecting your baby’s clothes from drool or food stains. You can also use them to make various activities and mealtimes more fun and memorable for you and your little one. 

Choose Fun Colors

Begin by picking bibs with bright colors, especially if you are using them for younger babies who cannot appreciate characters yet. The vibrant hues of orange, green, red, pink, purple, or blue are attractive to babies’ eyes. Some designs add goofy faces, emojis, or animal faces to the bib, which makes them look even more fun.

Add Their Favorite Characters

Shy away from plain colors or usual prints and switch to your little one’s favorite cartoon characters. Watch your little one’s eyes grow big upon seeing the beloved character from TV.

Mix-and-Match with Baby Clothes

Search for the terms baby girl bibs, baby girl bandana bibs, and bibs for baby girls. You’ll be inspired to match any outfit your baby wears with the fashionable bibs you see. You can do this for your baby boy, too, as there are plenty of designs available for little boys and girls. Depending on your styling skills, a baby bib can look like it’s a part of the outfit!

Enticing Meals

Aside from the design of the bib, the solid food on your little one’s plate can also be a way to make bib-wearing fun. Babies and toddlers live on schedules, and their minds are conditioned through training. For instance, showing a feeding bib signals mealtime. Aside from a flashy silicone bib, prepare your baby’s favorite meals. Make the plating attractive too, so your little one cannot help but dig in. After a while, they’ll associate bibs with an enjoyable meal time.

Exciting Activities

Get your smock bibs ready and your little one prepped for some art! Skip the worry of having to wash clothes stained with paints with a smock that covers your baby’s entire body. Let them paint using different brushes or even with their hands while you watch without a hint of worry.

A Little Theatrics

Adding a little theatrics to everything you do for your little one makes any activity fun. Are your baby bibs printed with your baby’s favorite TV show characters? Why not mimic how the characters speak? Singing the show’s theme song will also entertain your baby. Even adding rhythm to how you ask your baby to wear their bibs can go a long way in making the task exciting.

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Baby Bibs by Ashtonbee

Now that you know about the types of baby bibs, you can choose the ones most suitable for your baby. Of course, bib wearing doesn’t have to be a mundane task. You can make it fun for you and your baby by adding in some excitement. We hope our tips give you some ideas on how to do just that!

If you’re still on the search for the perfect bib, Ashtonbee’s baby bibs could be just what you are looking for. Our bibs have bright colors your little one will find attractive, and they are designed to catch food dribbles and keep your child’s clothes from getting stained. Check them out now, and make bibs more fun for your baby!

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