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Enough time both indoors and outdoors is essential for the holistic development of babies, toddlers, and kids. You must know this by now, and as a concerned parent, you try your best to provide good playtime inside and outside the house.

Invest in a playpen for babies with a mat to ensure your little one is safe wherever they play. The railings ensure that your little ones stay only inside the baby play area, while the mat ensures they won’t get hurt even when they stumble or fall. 

After babyproofing their play space, you can excitedly prepare activities that will make your little one busy. Here are some exciting things they can do.

Indoor Baby Activities With an Indoor Play Mat

The indoors is the safest place for your baby as it is where you are. However, some areas are not baby-friendly, so the best thing to do is to set up a space just for your child. Set up the playpen, make it safer with a baby play mat, and do these activities with your baby or let them enjoy exploring alone or with their friends.

Storytelling and Educational Books

Storytelling with your little one can help them develop their language skills as babies mimic what they hear. The pictures in the books help them develop their imagination. Meanwhile, if you want to provide valuable knowledge to your baby, expose them to educational books. Great books for younger ones include those that introduce colours, shapes, animals, and numbers.

Drawing and Painting

Let your baby practice their motor skills as they grip crayons, paint brushes, and other colouring materials. Let them learn their colours and create things on paper and canvas as they paint and draw. This will be a little messy, but with a play mat on the ground, you can keep your floors clean.

Building Blocks and Interactive Toys

Support your child’s cognitive development by giving them toys that let them build and achieve something. For starters, building blocks they can stack can help them think about how they can put something together. Puzzles work their brain and let them think about how to solve something. 

Through these games, their problem-solving skills are honed, and their fine motor skills are also enhanced. Building blocks, puzzles, and interactive toys build confidence and a sense of achievement when babies successfully fulfill the game’s goal.


playpen for babies

Outdoor Activities With a Baby Playpen

There are plenty of fun things to do inside the house, but wait until you take your little one outdoors. No matter what your little one does outdoors, it is a must to ensure their safety. Setting up a play yard with a mat will keep them safe as they fill their senses with what the outside world offers.


Sandboxes offer an opportunity to learn about textures, but they are too messy to be played with indoors. They will make you worry about cleaning after playtime, so it is better to keep them outside.

Include sandboxes in the activities your baby can do outside. Let them feel the sand; when they are old enough, they can build shapes out of them with the help of toys. Playing this game with other kids will make the activity fun and help them develop their social skills.

Mini Playground

The big kid playgrounds may be too much for your little one, so why not bring the playground into your yard through a mini playground? Many garden playgrounds for babies are made of plastic and have the perfect size, so they are safer. The slides, seesaws, swings, and climbers are fun to do and help develop your little one’s motor skills. Add a mat inside the play yard to prevent your little one from getting hurt if they stumble and fall.

Water Games

Watch your little one laugh and smile when you allow them to play with water. When you have a play area outdoors, you won’t hesitate to use these toys and make a mess. After playing with water, you can leave the play area and the mat as is and let the water dry on its own. Just watch your little ones as they play to ensure they won’t slip.


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A Baby Playpen With a Mat From Ashtonbee

A playpen with a mat is a handy baby supply. It allows your baby to have a safe playing space inside and outside the house. You can put toys and set up activities inside the playpen that are safe for them. In case they slip, fall, or stumble, the soft mat can minimize the hurt and impact.

Do you imagine your baby enjoying the activities mentioned above? Our play mats have a baby-friendly design and anti-slip foam to ensure they stay in place. Our playpens have fun colours and can provide a safe space for your baby to play. Don’t wait, and get yours today!

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