The Best Gifts for Parents-To-Be, New Parents, and Their Babies

Welcome to the ultimate guide for picking the best gifts for parents-to-be! Whether it’s for new moms and dads, or a couple expecting a new baby, they can all benefit from the treats below.

Keep reading to uncover various date night ideas, wellness must-haves, and of course, adorable and practical supplies and trinkets for a new baby. A loved one who is expecting their bundle of joy, or perhaps even yourself, will appreciate these thoughtful presents.

Best Gifts for Couple Quality Time

Expecting parents know that when the baby arrives, their routine with their partner will never be the same. There will often be times where quality time will involve a plus one (or more). Here are some gift ideas for soon-to-be parents to allow the couple to spend quality time together as their lives will change in just a few short months.

Schedule Date Nights

Let the couple enjoy each other’s company like they always do during date nights, but make it a little extra. Create and send a romantic playlist for the couple as you encourage them to have a candlelit dinner. 

You can also purchase movie tickets, and let them enjoy some popcorn and quality time in the cinemas. If the couple are people close to your heart, you can even go the extra mile of planning a trip, so they can collect more memories with just the two of them.

Couple Classes

Time together is one of the most unique gifts for parents-to-be as they’ll be busy taking care of their little ones when the time comes. Make that gift of time more productive by sending over class passes. Here are some ideas:

  • Cooking classes: This will allow soon-to-be parents to get ready to take turns in the kitchen. This is the perfect gift for parents who want to learn how to cook healthy and easy meals for their family, and not rely on takeaway all the
  • Work skills: Whether one or both parents decide to keep on working, adding another skill or upskilling will be helpful.
  • Classes that can be hobbies: When a couple cultivates a hobby before the baby comes, they can still carry it through even when they become parents. There are so many hobbies that can bring a couple closer together, like crafts, music, learning a new language, dance, or sports.

The Couple’s Favorite Photos

Meanwhile, if you want a memento the couple can keep, try a photo book or photos in a large frame. Pick the best image of the two of them and have it professionally framed. The pictures will surely remind them of the great times they had before they became parents, and it will be fun to look through as a family when their little one arrives.

A Getaway for Two

When a couple becomes parents, a lot of free time goes out the window. Just before this happens, let the future mom and dad enjoy time with just the two of them creating memories they can treasure forever.

If you have the budget for it, try booking an all-expense paid trip for the couple. Other sweet ideas are round trip tickets for two, a paid staycation in a hotel, or a tour package.

With all the anxiety the couple must feel about their future, a nice vacation can give them a break and get them to relax.

best gifts for parents to be

Thoughtful Gifts for New Parents

The day has come when the couple you know has finally welcomed a new tiny human being into their family. What better way to show your support to the new parents than sending gifts they can use? In this section, check out presents new parents can use to help them adjust to their new responsibilities with ease. 

Amazon Prime Membership

You surely want the new parents to have the most convenience they can have with all the challenges of raising a new baby. What better way to give this convenience than an Amazon Prime membership?

Having this membership on the world’s largest ecommerce platform ensures that they get any supply they need for themselves and their baby. Besides, almost everything is on Amazon. The best part is that members of Amazon Prime get the privilege of faster delivery. Getting what they need quickly without leaving home will be a great blessing to new parents. 

Wellness Gift Cards

Give a treat to the body and mind with wellness gift cards. These gift cards can be for a spa where the couple (or one of them) can relax. On the other hand, gift cards for sports centers, yoga classes, or gyms can remind them to stay active and exercise.

If you know that the couple cannot cater to additional activities, gift cards for a home spa package, diffusers, massagers, or home exercise equipment will be great too.

Revolutionary Kitchen Appliances

Preparing meals can be extra challenging when there’s a new baby on board. You can make sure the tired parents are kept nourished by giving them kitchen appliances and supplies that can help them.

Things like coffee flasks that keep coffee hot will be a hit for parents who need caffeine to stay awake. An InstantPot that busy new parents can use to cook any meal is great too. They can enjoy a variety of dishes without too much prep or cleaning time.

Books and Journals

Giving baby care and parenthood books are especially helpful for first-time parents, but even seasoned ones need relearning too as each baby is unique.

You can also give self-care books to help busy parents process their emotions. Many parents, especially mothers, have the risk of developing postpartum depression, and these presents can help.

gift ideas for soon to be parents

Baby Gifts for New Parents

There is a saying that it takes a village to raise a child. Contribute to the newborn baby’s well-being by giving gifts they can use. Doing so will benefit both the child and the parent. What are these gifts? Let’s take a look!

Nursery Room Must-Haves

One thing that excites new parents is decorating their baby’s nursery room. Support them in this endeavour by sending over nursery must-haves. A foldable crib can be a great alternative to a bulky traditional crib. If the parents already have a crib, then baby beddings made from breathable materials can be a thoughtful gift.

Changing diapers will be a regular task, so make the routine easier for them (and the baby) by giving a changing table, changing pad, and changing pad covers. Speaking of comfort, having a nursery rocking chair will make breastfeeding and bedtime much easier.

Baby Mealtime Must-Haves

Make parents’ lives easier during feeding time by picking items their little ones can use. Begin with baby bottles, a bottle warmer, and sterilizers if the receiver has newborns. If you know that the new mom is breastfeeding, a breastfeeding pillow gift will greatly affect the mother and baby’s comfort during feeding time.

Meanwhile, for older babies who are already taking in solids, you have all these choices:

  • Spoons and forks
  • Suction bowls and plates
  • Different kinds of sippy cups
  • Fruit feeder pacifier
  • Ice pop maker
  • High chairs
  • Bibs

Bath and Cleaning Supplies

Parents, especially first-timers, will find baby bathing time one of the most challenging tasks they need to do. You can make the responsibility more manageable for them when you give them the right tools.

For instance, having a tub with a baby seat allows caregivers to use both of their hands to bathe the baby while keeping the baby in a comfortable position. A complete set of hypoallergenic cleaning supplies gives peace of mind to parents who know that babies have sensitive skin. A diaper bag complete with changing supplies are great gifts too.

Gifts for the Baby’s Safety

Finally, note that parents-to-be may have increased anxiety. They’ll always think of their baby’s comfort and safety. Show them support by giving gifts that ensure baby safety by babyproofing the home. Some must-haves are as follows:

  • Bed rails
  • Drawer locks
  • Corner guards
  • Outlet blockers
  • Anti-tip straps
  • Baby gates
  • Sliding door locks

Send these before the baby comes, so you are sure the couple can use them in preparing their home for the baby. These items aren’t as cute as the gifts above, but they are extremely practical.

Look for a Gift for Parents-To-Be at Ashtonbee

With so much to consider when searching for the perfect gift, taking the time to think about the interests, hobbies, and needs of your loved ones can help you narrow it down. Whether they’re expecting their first child or welcoming a new addition to their family, it doesn’t matter—these thoughtful gifts will make them feel special and appreciated. From quality time to revolutionary kitchen appliances and baby mealtime must-haves, there is no shortage of meaningful presents for everyone involved!

Don’t forget you can always find a great gift at Ashtonbee, whether it be for parents or their babies. So, check out our collection now, and make this special moment even more memorable by showering them with unconditional love!

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