Traveling with a baby has its own set of challenges. Apart from packing your stuff for the trip, you also have to pack for another human being. So if you don’t have a checklist of specific things to bring, it’s inevitable that you’ll forget something.


As with any trips, storage space is always a concern, and a diaper bag for traveling is no exception. So you need to buy the best travel diaper bag with more space to store items, that way, you don’t have to check it in at the airport.


Let Ashtonbee help you with your baby essentials. First, we’ll give you a checklist of what to bring. Then, we’ll give you tips on organizing and taking care of your items in a space-efficient way.

Your Checklist of Travel Diaper Bag Essentials

To ensure traveling with your baby goes as smoothly as possible, here’s a checklist of essential things to put inside a diaper bag that’s a perfect gift for yourself or another traveling parent.


This item comes at the top of the list of diaper bag essentials because it’s the main thing your baby needs. You want to be prepared for any stinky situation outdoors or in transit.


Babies frequently need to go while traveling, so you’ll need several diapers depending on how long you will be outside. A general rule is one for every hour or two.

Disposable Baby Wipes

A traveling baby needs to be cleaned up after every diaper change. This is to avoid any bacteria build-up that causes bad odor and irritation. That’s why a baby wipe is the second most important baby essential you must never forget to bring.


Buy several packs of wet wipes and put them in your baby bag. Ensure the wipes are hypoallergenic and can sanitize your baby’s skin.

Spare Baby Clothing

A baby’s clothing has several functions apart from keeping them covered. First, it provides a layer of protection that absorbs spills, stains, and excretions. Your baby’s clothing can be dirtied quickly, especially if they’re constantly bottle-feeding.


Bring at least two spare pieces of clothing for your baby if you’re traveling from place to place.

Eco-friendly Trash Bag

You’ll have to throw the diapers and wipes when changing a baby’s diapers. Sometimes, you may have to throw away the clothing, too!


But if you’re outside or on a moving ground or air transportation, it’s unlikely you’ll find a trash bin nearby. Bring a pack of several pieces in your baby diaper bag.


Some babies can be sensitive to cold, so packing a small blanket in your baby’s diaper bag will be a huge help. You can wrap it around your baby when they’re crying because of cold weather.


If it’s warm, bring a blanket anyway. This item can substitute for a diaper changing bag or be used to cover it to avoid any pad stains or spills.

Sanitizer and Moisturizer

Our babies are vulnerable to germs and bacteria. In addition, you’ll also feel the need to sanitize after a diaper changing session to remove the odor. So slide at least one sanitizer into your diaper backpack’s interior pockets.


You and your baby’s skin can become dry because of the alcohol content of wipes or even due to the weather. So it’s also fitting to bring a moisturizer.


Bibs are great baby essentials that can help prolong your baby’s clothing use. These things can catch solids and liquids when you feed your baby upright. As a result, it decreases stains and spills absorbed by your baby’s clothing.


So if you want to reduce the hassle of changing baby clothes, pack one baby bib inside your backpack diaper bag.

Baby Bottles

In the early years of your baby, they are bottle-fed. So a baby bottle is a non-negotiable baby travel item you must bring. Pack at least two bottles. If you have a diaper bag with multiple storage compartments, put one in the interior pocket and the other in the exterior pocket.


Don’t forget to pack your formula and your baby bottles. Otherwise, you’ll have to resort to breastfeeding, which can be inconvenient when you’re outside.


If your baby isn’t hungry for milk, they’ll still need something to suck on. So always bring at least two pieces of baby pacifiers. Since this is something you put in your baby’s mouth, you’ll want to seal this into a small container (e.g., a gravy cup) to keep it clean and sanitized while on the road.

Teethers and Toys

If your baby is past its sucking stage, it’ll move on to the next one, the biting stage. If your baby is fond of putting stuff in their mouth, it’s best to manage it with teethers and toys.


Just as it is with pacifiers, you’ll want to keep this sanitized. So put them in a container and pack them in the interior pockets of your diaper backpacks.

Diaper Changing Pad

Wherever you are on your journey, you must be ready to change diapers. Your baby’s diapers can feel full at any moment. As a result, they’ll start to cry out of discomfort, and when the diaper has to go, finding the proper place to get the diaper changed can be a hassle.


That’s why you have to bring your portable changing pad. So that no matter where you are in your travels, you can find a stable surface, unfold the diaper changing pad, and you’ll be set to do your diaper duties.


You’ll only need to pack one changing mat in your backpack diaper bag, and packing one will bring you and your baby significant convenience.

Tips for More Efficient Diaper Bag Packing

The items above feel like a lot whether it’s in backpacks, messenger bags, or shoulder bags. You’re probably unsure about everything fitting into a baby diaper bag, and if it does, it may be messy and inconvenient to rummage through your pack for the things you need.


So know how to organize these items to ensure you have them on easy access while on the go.

Use Resealable Storage Bags to Organize Your Baby Items

Classify all the items above and put them in resealable storage bags. Then, label them for you to identify them easily. This way, you can pull out a group of items and put them back in the backpack diaper bag in a neat and organized manner.


For example, you can pack all your diapers and wipes in a single resealable bag. Then, the clothing and blankets on another. Label the bags according to what’s inside.

Get Baby-Sized Sanitizers and Moisturizers

You won’t need a whole bottle of sanitizer or moisturizer when traveling. So to save space, buy a smaller version of them. Nowadays, it’s easy to purchase. You can grab one or several in a minimart counter while paying for other things.


If you already have a large bottle at home, you can put a small amount into a smaller container and put it inside your diaper bag.

Compress Diapers and Clothing

What’s good about items like diapers and clothing is that you can compress them. Diapers are mostly composed of soft materials that you can squeeze. So make sure to put them inside a resealable bag, press them tight, and ensure no air is inside the bag before you reseal it.


For clothing items, you can compress them by rolling them. This takes up less storage space compared to when they’re folded.

Prefill Your Baby Bottle

Baby bottles have an interior that you can use to store baby formula and liquid. So if you need to bring more than several servings of formula, use baby bottles and prefill them.


Not only is this space-efficient, but it’s also convenient. This will allow you to prepare a milk formula easily. Just shake the prefilled bottle well as needed, and you’ll have milk ready in seconds. No need to scoop stuff.

Insulate Your Teether Toys

Teether toys are usually frozen to help soothe your baby’s gums. So the challenge is to keep it cold for as long as needed. A good practice is to place the teether toys inside an insulated bottle.


You can also increase the insulating capacity if you get a diaper bag with an insulated pocket. This will lengthen the teether toy’s cold sensation.

Bring a Portable Diaper Changing Pad

A changing pad is part of the essential items to put in your baby gear. But to get more space, it’s best to get a portable diaper changing pad that you can hook into the straps of your bag.


What’s awesome about a portable changing pad is that it can have a small, detachable baby bag so you can store your other diaper items in that bag.


You can also carry the portable diaper changing pad instead of the whole travel diaper bag. This is useful if you’re leaving your hotel room for a short walk or a quick meal.

Travel-Friendly Diaper Bag Is Made Better With a Portable Changing Pad

Packing all the baby essentials is better if you have to know how to save space. But it’s equally important to choose items that can add space, so you have more to bring and more convenience. A portable diaper changing pad is one of those items that can provide storage and convenience when you travel.

If you want to get a diaper changing pad, Ashtonbee has one that turns into a bag, and lets you store diapers, wipes, toys, and bottles. Check it out here.

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